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  1. jhw

    Martin Freeman

    Yep. I've got tickets for the 16th and 30th.
  2. Here's a link to the Facebook group for anyone who is interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/791948050901508/
  3. But at the same time, we really don't want them to forget... As such... Can we have Martin as a guest in October? Pretty pretty please? (and Benedict too, if it isn't too much trouble.)
  4. I know how that is! I've been to all of the Sherlocked Cons so far and that's the hardest part of all, finding the money to afford them.
  5. I went to the first Sherlocked by myself (travelling from the US). It was great, and really easy to meet new friends there. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  6. So pack everything but the pants and just try not to forget to add them before departure. Check.
  7. Time to start packing yet?????
  8. Martin. Martin. Oh... and Martin, if you can get him. (And I still wouldn't say no to Davey Nellist as well.)
  9. jhw

    Martin Freeman

    You live too far away...I live in Idaho near the Canadian border. But you never know, he may sign more often for this play. Maybe wait and see what he does in the first few weeks of the run and then think about it.
  10. jhw

    Martin Freeman

    I'm pretty sure he only signed after the evening performance for Richard. Any chance you could go back on another, different night just for stage door?
  11. jhw

    Martin Freeman

    He seemed to sign about 2 nights out of 6 at Richard III. And even if it only increases the chances of him doing Sherlocked Con by 1-2%, that's still an increase!
  12. So, as Martin will be in London starring in a new play when Sherlocked Con is happening, and not off filming in far off lands, does this increase the chances of getting him as a guest at Sherlocked Con in October? I mean sure, he's clearly busy on the Saturday, but his show is dark on Sundays, and it's not a long train ride to Birmingham. *fingers crossed* And in case people haven't heard, he's in Labour of Love from Sept 15th through Dec. 2nd at the Noel Coward Theatre labouroflovetheplay.co.uk/
  13. You can all hide out in the cupboard in my hotel room if the boss happened to come looking for you.
  14. I'm not saying call in sick... But call in sick.
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