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  1. This is excellent, I gifted my 221B shot, to my family so I'll buy that one!
  2. See my previous answer.
  3. All my pics https://flic.kr/s/aHskads95J
  4. I am seeing this post 100% out of context and it made my day. Edit: Even better with context.
  5. I was too busy staring at Danny. erwhat
  6. Do [another event, held in canada]
  7. I had a creepo that was an ass to Benedict right before I got my photo. Whouldn't of shocked me if it was the same freak.
  8. ALSO - I have a TON of photos coming. Danny took a selfie with my phone, even. XD
  9. Benedict's signature was FLAWLESS. I was shocked.
  10. Meeting jhw and her generosity. Speaking with Andrew about stuff. <3 Rupert. All of the Rupert. Hail the fandom dad.
  11. There are three kinds of people. 1. Those who are jealous they couldn't go for cost/whatever and use that VIP pass price to mock the features. 2. People who weren't big fans who went to mock it no matter what. 3. Everyone else who went and had a blast.
  12. Fantastic idea. Poor beardy man Photo 1 voice. <3
  13. We danced like newlyweds on crack. It was awesome.
  14. I feel like the smoothness of this one should convince crankypants to come.
  15. You. You pissed on my cornflakes, Fooku. But seriously, everyone was so sweet. I made so many pals.
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