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  1. I gather there was some real unpleasantness at the end of the day, and I just wanted to remind everyone that without the volunteers about whom you all complain, you simply wouldn't have these events in the first place: if all those hardworking crew members had to be paid, the costs would be MASSIVE, and big conventions like this just wouldn't be possible. Everyone deserves respect, and no-one is entitled to anything they haven't paid for, and kicking off and making things nasty just sours everyone's weekend. I'd just be grateful for the opportunities on offer, and for the time and energy that the volunteers put into making it such a great event.
  2. YES IT WAS! Arwel Wyn Jones: a genius, in the guise of a lovely man. Truly we are not worthy.
  3. Well, that was immense fun. I'm now home, with a bag full of goodies, a heart full of memories and a head full of cold. Even the last can't detract from what was a brilliant event. So much more relaxed than Excel, and with some wonderful extras like the hilarious game show yesterday afternoon. That was a huge highlight, along with Arwel's 221B set tour, for which were were lucky enough to win an auction. I've been to all three UK Sherlockeds, and I think this was the best so far. Thanks to everyone responsible, or who contributed in any way. Wonderful.
  4. I'll echo what Raylenth said a hundred times. All the crew we encountered were fantastic, and ensured that even when we had issues they were quickly resolved so we could achieve what we needed to. Thanks to every one of you.
  5. I'm doing mine now. All my packing, that is, not just pants.
  6. I can't believe how quickly this week has arrived. Can't wait, now!
  7. I'm not ready! I'm not ready! *goes into ultra efficient planning mode whilst still panicking*
  8. Woohoo! we are going to have SO much fun.
  9. Sadly I was at home in bed with bronchitis, and it was mid-January and below freezing, so despite knowing they were there - the scenes with Sherlock and John in the carriage were filmed by them going round and round Queen Square - I couldn't be! But I was directing all my colleagues using info from Twitter, and they were able to take turns going out to watch. The morgue was in the basement of the Colston Hall, our big music venue, and the street scene where the 221B set was set up was King Street, which runs behind the building Natasha is in in your pic. She shot her husband just outside the Central Library, along from the front of the Cathedral!
  10. Only if you really practice your "deranged stare on a balcony". I have every confidence in your abilities. Fun fact: this scene was filmed at a building on Queen Square in Bristol, opposite my office. However, the people below in the street were in fact on a street in Bath.
  11. You won't be boring even if you don't dress up!! But you absolutely have to bring that kit on Friday. If certain guests turn up then you might want to use it on them (ahem) or alternatively, need to use it on fainting attendees... Either way, you'll be popular!
  12. Aww, I don't want you to be left out! I can bring you a mob cap and we can give you some smeared lipstick. Any good?
  13. Still not decided about dressing up, though I do quite fancy the Victorian Gothic idea. Corsets ahoy!
  14. Oh yes, a couple more guest announcements would really spice things up! I wonder if there's anyone listening who could do something about that?
  15. Excellent news! Please let it be.... any of the people we have asked for.
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