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  1. Lemon

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    I saw it to, gave feedback in the app to showmasters. My ticket says saturday and on the early schedule as well. Have'nt heard anything if it's changed
  2. Lemon

    Floor plan

    I take it that super stage means main stage?
  3. Lemon

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    You have to register to login, is this totally new or the same as we use on here?
  4. Lemon

    Answers to FAQ

    O.k good to know. My stomache does'nt agree with this.
  5. Lemon

    Answers to FAQ

    Is this tap water?
  6. Lemon

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    I know i looked in the shop when it was mentioned, because i am only going on saturday, but i wanted to wait for the schedule to see what time the shoot would be, (But not 100% sure)
  7. Lemon

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE

    Just looking at the schedule. Can't find duo shoot of william shatner and zachary quinto(looked in the shop, and is'nt there anymore to buy), does anyone know why this is'nt there anymore?
  8. Nice guest To bad i'm only going on sunday
  9. nice. Now i can get a photo here instead of londen.
  10. Can anybody help me...william shatner and captain's chair what the exact time is..i can see approximality what it is, because i wan't to go to the paid talk of lucifer(which i can't find in the shop yet), and if you can get back in the paid talk if you went out for a photoshoot
  11. Can't find duo photoshoot william shatner & zachary quinto on saturday
  12. Lemon

    Disappearing Announcement

    I don't think so...the one i saw is'nt ... And according to others it won't be made...
  13. I've asked. And so far just the sunday