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  1. can't click on that. when i enter my creditcard nr etcetera, i still have to make an account.... can't go any further if i don't fill that in
  2. does anybody know how i can pay with creditcard without openining a paypall account! every year it's the same hassle, but i know i've always eventually paid by creditcard without opening(or regestering) a paypall account.
  3. Thanks. But i don,t think i can collect them anymore. Going home tomorrow and not in the vicinity today
  4. Seeing as this was the first time for evening talk. Loved martin and charlie. However...probably due to certain circumstances we don't know... It did not start until 8pm And it did end at 9pm. So the 1hour talk followed by 30 min q&a turned into a total of 1 hour talk plus q&a. So 30 min less than advertised. Second...i did remember seeing something about getting something...did'nt know what...but saw it just above. The limited edition print exclusive to this session. Don't know where they are. But i don't think anyone did get them this evening. So just saying. The evening with martin and charly was lovely , but it could have been handled better. And we all did pay for an hour and a half,we would very much liked to have had 90 min instead of just an hour. It was to short
  5. We were send all the way round olympia only to start back at were we were send the other direction. And once we got in. There was no queueing in the holding hall. We both thought whynot. It was pouring outside. Don't know what they were doing...but it was'nt good..
  6. Tried to use the app today. But almost all of the time not working. Not even to look in my schedule. Still no notifications. Not using wifi. My own data. And on android. Don't know if more people had this. Thought this might come in handy for makers off the app. Hoping next time it will work better. Was a great idea. And fantastic if it works properly. But had no use for it today
  7. Same question. Where can you check the notification settings? And i'm also on android
  8. I don't get them. Do you have to be there to get them? I'm only there tomorrow
  9. I saw it to, gave feedback in the app to showmasters. My ticket says saturday and on the early schedule as well. Have'nt heard anything if it's changed
  10. I take it that super stage means main stage?
  11. You have to register to login, is this totally new or the same as we use on here?
  12. O.k good to know. My stomache does'nt agree with this.
  13. I know i looked in the shop when it was mentioned, because i am only going on saturday, but i wanted to wait for the schedule to see what time the shoot would be, (But not 100% sure)
  14. Just looking at the schedule. Can't find duo shoot of william shatner and zachary quinto(looked in the shop, and is'nt there anymore to buy), does anyone know why this is'nt there anymore?
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