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  1. Ah that's why people always chase me out of the shop lol
  2. Not necessarily good, but I think there's a McDonalds around the corner We normally take croissants from tesco
  3. I'm not complaining about dealers, I was asking if SM could speak to security so we don't have to walk a mile to the front of the queue when they open the gates in the morning. That's all
  4. The reason I raised it is just to see if security can make us the queue the way we did last Sunday, walk down the first row then shut that off and make people walk down the second, etc. I realise that after so long the zig zags are needed because of the amount of people but they just seem unnecessary when they first let people into the venue to start queuing. I'll stop moaning now :)
  5. The worse bit is that security saw them do it and yelled at them to stop but didn't do anything else about it. Some people still did it afterwards
  6. Will do :) Sorry about the short notice but I only just remembered yesterday
  7. It wasn't one offender there were loads of people doing it. Other than having to walk around it all, I didn't really get affected by it as I wasn't too far back from the front of the queue but it seems pointless to have to walk all that way when they first let people into the building at 7/8 when they could fill the first row then start filling the second, etc. as they did on the Sunday. It's not fair on people that can't walk as fast or have pushchairs/wheelchairs, etc.
  8. I know, I saw people running past people with crutches and with pushchairs/wheelchairs. It's not fair if people have waited for a few hours so they get in early only to find people are running passed them
  9. After the marathon last year to the front of the queue, I posted a comment to complain and security stopped making people walk the zig zags and didn't make people do it on the Sunday so I'm hoping showmasters can stop security doing it.
  10. Showmasters, can you please make sure that security don't make us walk through all of the zig zags of barriers at the very start? Last year, security made us walk through all of the barriers when they first let people into the venue to queue. There aren't enough people to warrant that straight away, people were running past people that had been queueing for a long time and then there were people going under the tape.
  11. Me and my brother would be up for this :) Anyone wanna team up?
  12. If you don't want to go far, pizza express in the venue is really nice
  13. Fantastic guest, I met him at Collectormania in Birmingham a few years ago, but now I have a Stargate Atlantis poster for him to sign :)
  14. It's good that he's going to LFCC so I still get to meet him but I bought tickets to Collectormania just to meet him
  15. I started to feel the post con blues as security was showing me the way out on Sunday Is it next year already?
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