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  1. I’ve had notifications with both the other refunds I’ve had so figured I’d get one this time but no matter, like I said in my post, I’m not worrying yet,
  2. Still awaiting a notification from either Showmasters/Eventbrite of a refund coming, will give it another week or so before I start to worry. Got excited for a sec just now but it was just the survey from Showmasters
  3. I had a lovely day yesterday. My photo shoots went very smoothly. Jason Isaacs and Tom Ellis we’re both absolutely lovely people. I kind of wish I’d gone for a standard JB shoot as I’m not fond of myself in portrait pics. it’s ok when I cropped it though Aimee Garcia was so cute. I decided not to get any autos in the end so that saved me around £170 so I can go mad in Covent Garden later if I decide to go I loved Jason Isaacs talk, he was so funny as was The Barrowman. I even sat in on the Lee Majors talk for a rest, loved that there were so many free talks this year. Was lovely meeting you @DCGIRL1987 and seeing you again @Wrong Name As always a special thanks to @Raylenth for keeping me company in the queue. Always lovely to see you
  4. If you’re there tomorrow and I see you I’ll be sure to say hi.
  5. I would have said 11 would be fine. I don’t think there will be much of a queue then. What time does the shoot end and what batch are you? You may not be called first.
  6. Yay, my #LFCC trip starts today. Hoping to catch the 9am train to London and then I'll be having a tourist day with my sis before fingers crossed meeting up with @Raylenth to queue on Saturday morning. If any of you see a lost looking redhead wandering around Olympia feel free to say hi.
  7. I accidentally bought two David Duchovny Diamond passes last year in the mad rush to buy two David Tennant ones when he was announced on the Saturday. I had a fretful night's sleep thinking Id wasted £440 but we queued up at the sales desk first thing on Sunday morning and explained the situation, they refunded me with no problem, though they could obviously see the time that I'd bought them and known the mad rush and inevitable crashing of Eventbrite that ensued. So there are no guarantees but it's at least worth an ask.
  8. But on the plus side we are slightly more padded for sitting
  9. Haha this. Might take me a bit longer to get up than a few years ago.
  10. Totally sitting too. Hope all who go tomorrow have a fab day.
  11. I'm traveling tomorrow morning, should get into London around 11am. Coming to #LFCC on the Saturday. The rain forecast for the weekend is quite welcome after this heat.
  12. Photo shoot bought. Will be my last activity of the day.
  13. Thank you. So I can do her shoot before going back to the hotel. Perfect. I’ll buy a photo when I get home
  14. I thought I was going mad or maybe it was just on my phone. Hopefully it’ll be sorted by the time I get home as I’d like to check Alex’s Pm shoot time to see if I can fit her in. Is Bob’s talk on the Saturday morning where the Lucifer talk was originally put? Never mind it’s sorted now. Will have a proper study.
  15. I’m only going on the Saturday and my last planned thing is Barrowman’s talk. The 45 mins left after that I may be trying for autos or walking round the stalls etc.
  16. I’ve made a start and put my printed tickets and Oyster card in the front zip section of my suitcase.
  17. This time next week despite having the floor plan on my handy new app I’ll probably still be getting lost walking around the venue
  18. I've downloaded it so am having a look at the floor plan.
  19. Nice guest. Very good price, love her in A Discovery of Witches and Dr. Who so will get a photo maybe if I can fit her in my schedule.
  20. Just got myself a photo shoot. Was leaning towards getting one and the low ticket alert tipped the scales. Getting excited now.
  21. A week today and I'll be packing. Just 4 more days to work woohoo (Sat-Tues) I just need to get rid of this stinker of a cold first. Taking today as a lieu day so I can rest and get better.
  22. If I manage to get any autos I’ll just get the 8x10’s too. and i I say go for it too @Raylenth
  23. I haven’t seen the first one yet.
  24. Yes I double checked yesterday for JB’s and Tom Ellis’s Saturday diamonds to gauge whether I had any chance of getting their autos if I managed to get a decently low numbered vq’s and they were both on batch 5 of eight.
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