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  1. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Ditto!!! It was deffo one of the best things from all of my Sherlocked experiences. I've got pics of me sitting in John's chair cuddling his cushion and pretending to drink from one of the beakers from the stag do. Oh and my Rupert kiss. I'm still on cloud nine. I'm saving up for next year's starting......NOW.

    Ok, I know it's a tad early but....... 11 weeks to go.
  3. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Oh thank you Kyvrie, that might work much better. I keep refreshing to see if my email is here but not yet sadly
  4. Sherlocked UK 2017

    But some groups letters are called BEFORE ours, like they go backwards...that's confusing me. So Jonathan's goes... D, E, F and then later G, H. A, B, C. ? Our group is called last....no space after to have it. So can we go earlier?? Sorry, am just a tad confused.
  5. Sherlocked UK 2017

    I'm still awaiting my email but that's not unusual for me, hopefully it'll come within the 24 hour time period. I'm PRESUMING I'm in group C though as my friend who upgraded the same time as I did ( on the 10th January, so one day after tickets went on sale) is in that group. It looks like there could be a slight clash with our Meet and Greet with Mike Collins and our Auto with Jonathan Aris on the Saturday. Jonathan's auto time is from 10.55-12.15 and our auto slot is 11.55-12.05 but the M&G starts at 12. Not sure how rude it would be considered if some of group C arrived late?

    THREE DAYS TO GO!! *taps fingers waiting for the schedule*

    It really has come round so fast. Another work day over for me and just 2 more to go. Aghhh. Now we just need that schedule.

    Four days to go. !!!
  9. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Log into your eventbrite account and you should be able to upgrade from there. I did it when I upgraded back in January.
  10. COUNTDOWN!!!

    6 days to go and yes, I'm still very excited, I get to meet up with friends, immerse myself in all things Sherlock with other like minded people, hug Rupert once again AND there's a bouncy castle. I'm easy to please.
  11. Sherlocked UK 2017

    I'll be racing you to the bouncy castle.
  12. Sherlocked UK 2017

    This is only my 3rd con so it's still new and exciting to me. I've had a countdown going for AGES and am now on 6 days to go before my SherlockedShenanigans start as I'm leaving my house about 8am on Thursday so am not counting today and the actual day I go. :)
  13. Sherlocked UK 2017

    I think I'm the only one who's really excited. I don't need the big names to have a great time (I've got my Rupert, I'm happy lol) I know I'll get the value from my Platinum ticket and am really looking forward to my first hotel based convention
  14. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Hmm, Rupert's shoot seems to be available again now.
  15. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Just noticed that both the Una Stubbs and Rupert Graves photo shoots have sold out. (yes, I'm bored and browsing the website YET again)
  16. Sherlocked UK 2017

    My friends and I are planning on dressing up a bit for them. For the Friday night both of my friends are wearing scrubs and I'm being lazy and will go as a visitor so just need some grapes The Saturday night I am wearing a Victorian style nightgown and have a dark brown ringlet wig and then for the Sunday I have some pretty new Pj's (any excuse, I love Pj's )
  17. COUNTDOWN!!!

    I'm ready and not ready, I'm very excited as per usual but yeah I can't decide what to get signed this time either. Leaning towards adding the guests I haven't met before to my Chronicles book and everyone else sign one of my dvd's but I could change my mind a few times before I pack.
  18. COUNTDOWN!!!

    17 days!! That's if we don't count today and the day of (which I don't )
  19. COUNTDOWN!!!

    Three weeks today *squeeee* So that's just 20 more days to go.
  20. COUNTDOWN!!!

    At least wait for the schedule to be announced before you start panicking.
  21. COUNTDOWN!!!

    22 days!!!
  22. COUNTDOWN!!!

    23 days!!!!!
  23. Sherlocked UK 2017

    Bounce, bounce, bounce, drink, drink, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, drink, drink, drink, bounce, bounce, fall.
  24. Event Questions

    I figure we will find out the time of the drinks receptions when the schedule goes up...got a feeling it may be say between 7pm-8pm or something and with the meet and greet? That could be another surprise we find out with the schedule or even just when we pick our passes up. It's all very exciting.
  25. Sherlocked UK 2017

    It's not the water we need to worry about....