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  1. Hello, are there any updates on when refunds for Alex Kingston photoshoots will be sent out?
  2. Hello, just wondered if there’s anyone on here around my age (16 years old). Basically my friend let me down so I’m travelling to comic con alone today and I wanna try meet people today haha
  3. Hello, i am attending tomorrow and already have purchased a jenna coleman photo shoot, but also want an autograph and don’t know if I should risk it with a vq ticket. Can I upgrade my photo shoot ticket tomorrow at the sales desk?
  4. What am I supposed to do with this ticket then as I cannot afford another one at the moment l?
  5. Hi, what am I supposed to do then? Can’t she just use that ticket for entry anyway?
  6. Hello, I purchased two adult entry tickets for the Saturday and the person who was going to come with me can no longer attend, so my friend is coming in his place. However, the ticket still has the name of the person that was originally meant to come on it. Do I need to get this changed or can I leave it?
  7. Hello, tomorrow I have photo shoots with David Tennant TARDIS (Batch 5), Ingrid Oliver (Batch 1) and Arthur Darvill (Batch 9) and they all clash, how should I attempt to get all these photos? Thanks
  8. I’m currently attending in the Sunday only and am thinking of Saturday too, what are the benefits of attending for two days?
  9. What other doctor who guests are most likely to be announced
  10. I’m hoping that even more doctor who guests will be announced
  11. I would love to see Matt Lucas, Michelle Gomez, John Simm and Jenna Coleman attend this year
  12. I currently have the following plans for the Sunday: peter capaldi photo (batch 3) pearl mackie photo (batch 1) david Bradley photo (batch 1) chris eccleston photo (batch 2) peter capaldi diamond talk Will any of these clash as I’m beginning to worry that I have too much planned
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