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  1. Hi. Is there an update schedule for this morning to reflect Greg Clarkes' cancellation?
  2. Hi. I can't find a relevant chat. I was just wondering when the timetable for photos will be posted or have I missed it?
  3. Hey there. My flight only arrives at 8am, meaning I won't get to Olympia until 9.30. Can I then get Gold Pass and head straight to H and go straight in? (Instead of waiting in any remaining lines that are General entry)
  4. Hi. Does anyone know when online sales for photo shoots ends?
  5. Hi. I cant seem to find a preorder for Glasgow like usual. Would to get Mark Roleston on Shawshank pics. Thanks, Adam.
  6. Hi i've had a great time today and yesterday but am disappointed with how many staff don't seem to know the rules. Examples, (1) Terrance Stamp I made it to Terrance in time to get VQ 5. However, when the staff member seen my Gold pass he said "No VQ needed for you, you can join anytime today". I said this wasn't correct as on Fri I was there for Chris Lloyd and was told Gold wasn't enough. He got quite angry and said "I'm telling you that you don't need a VQ ticket so I'm not giving you one". Of course, when I came back I was told "No VQ, NO auto. Furious! (2) Tom Wilson/ Alan Tudyk I had diamond passes for both. When I went to Tom, I was brought to the front of the others, at Alan's I was told to go to the Back To The queue. I protested and was told I was wrong. I was so annoyed I just told the guy I was going as he was wrong. He just shrugged and said ok. This type of thing happened with a lot of people I spoke to that were also upset. How does it happen that the staff don't know the basic rules for gold and diamond? Mother wise, loved the event and thanks for all the mods help in the lead up.
  7. Hi. I cant find if this has been asked but.. On this thread it shows gold pass collection opposite to train station (same as last year). However, the floor plan shows it at same point as Diamond pass collection (at the other side of the hall). Which one is correct?
  8. Hi Guys. Can't wait for Fri! Has the schedule been updated yet? I haven't seen it anywhere and wanna see if there's much changed.
  9. Hi. I don't want to be worrying people unnecessarily but I was wondering if security will be a little tighter in light of recent events? I see a guy got into a con with Guns in the U.S. Apogies if not allowed. Just thought it would be a genuine concern to post.
  10. My money is on Val Kilmer. He has been hitting the Cons and Meet n greets Stateside the last few months. I had had been wondering if he would travel to London. Would be great!
  11. Hi. Am I correct in saying the event is in hall 14 of the NEC? I'm sure it was posted but not that sure.
  12. Then it could be a problem as the morning session ends at 10h20 and I have a bridge photoshoot with Marina Sirtis at 10h25-10h50 and I'm batch 1 for that one.Would it be a problem to just go at the second Shatner session even if my batch has already been called at the morning one? Going to the second one will be fine but it's entirely doable if you do want to do it in the morning. Go to the bridge shoot and then just go to Marina's after and join the end of the batch 1 queue if you want to, there wouldn't be an issue with that way around. Guests should be signing non Star trek items, the usual rule applies that if it's nude/semi nude or if you know the guest doesn't like signing items from that film/show it's advisable to take a second back up item but I don't see any issue with BTTF stuff. He signed lots of them at LFCC last year and they have BTTF pictures for him in the Destination pre orders. The organisers haven't said at any point that it's Trek only and I know at Sherlocked I've had non Sherlock items signed with no problems. Thanks! I'll leave the Chris Lloyd half nude pics at home 😂. Appreciate the fast reply. I'm gonna bring the Flux! 🤗
  13. Hi. I think this has been asked but can't find it. Any idea if Christopher Lloyd will sign Back to The Future stuff? I'm bringing a heavy Flux Capacitor from Ireland and would hate to get there and be told "Star Trek items only". Apologies if this is repetition.
  14. Hi. No urgency in answering this (I'm sure there's more pressing matters) but, is there a floor plan of hall 4 showing how far apart/where photo booths are? A + B especially. I've been looking and can't find it yet. Thanks. 😀
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