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  1. Yeah I'm sorry but the deletion of the threads is the final nail in the coffin for me. Regardless of my somewhat mid experience (at least compared to others), the lack of accountability and sweep under the carpet reeks unprofessionalism, which is shocking of a company of over a decade of experience. The aftermath response leaves me with zero to none faith for if and when there to be an actual problem I'd face in any future events.
  2. This. I had awkward moment with Christopher Lloyd's signing after asking if he could personally sign it to my name, was a bit disappointed that after the price that was paid he couldn't have spent 5 more seconds to write my name, or at the very least for their to be a sign to indicate this prior to avoid the awkwardness.
  3. Coming all the way from Scotland primarily for him to sign my BTTF poster. Saw the comments re him being slow in signing. Bit worried and willing to bite the bullet on a diamond pass to ensure an autograph, but can’t seem to find it on the store? Help! EDT: Found it! Have already met him in the delorean, wonder if I could swap it to the clock tower with him and who I’d mention to if this would be possible?
  4. When I met him years and years ago at a signing we had a smiley photo and then a "silly" one per his request which resulted in him pouting and me pulling a silly face.
  5. If the guest announcement is MCU or Spiderman related...
  6. I know it's a stretch but Tom Holland would be an amazing guest to have and would make my life if you ever got him. He's local to London, does a lot of conventions all around the world and Spiderman: Far From Home will have been released that month so
  7. Seeing some pictures on Twitter, has anyone got any email yet? I have a feeling I entered in my email incorrectly however I got told it would've been an open link to all the images so i wasn't too worried. If anyone did get an email of the folder it'd be much appreciated if you could share it :) EDIT Got the email, was in my spam folder.
  8. How is everyone doing today? I'm having mega con blues today and really eager to plan for next year lol
  9. I didn't even know they were a thing until I saw pictures of it on my way home Shame really as would've loved to pick one up on the day
  10. Thank you so so much! Such an experience that i'll remember for a very long time :)
  11. Haven't managed to scan my pictures yet but couldn't help myself and post them now Pretty sure my face says it all in each picture!
  12. I have a feeling the reason it wasn't allowed was because of how tight the space was. I remember when I was next for the Tardis shoot for Tennant I was worried I'd be in the shot of the picture as the white line on the floor where we got asked to stand was very close to David and the person getting the photo.
  13. Didn't think about this, wish I wore my Fitbit for the Sunday, according to my phone I walked 19,001 steps but it was definitely a lot more than that since there were times it was out and being used and also out of battery.
  14. Christopher was amazing to meet, I wanted to be different so said I enjoyed him in Thor (which I watched the other week, and he of course was) and he thanked me so much and wished me all the best. He also kneeled down and had a full on talk with the people in front who were in wheelchairs, spent a good 2 minutes talking to one guy about football which I thought was really lovely of him.
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