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  1. Ooh yay, I don't need to be up early to get there for photo ops! Haha. :)
  2. Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Rupert Young, Asa Butterfield, Alex Vlahos, Tom Hopper, Katie McGrath, Adetomiwa Edun. Also I'm still living for the Robin Hood days (BBCs version) so Jonas Armstrong, Joe Armstrong, Richard Armitage, Keith Allen, Sam Troughton, Lucy Griffiths.... ETA: Also cats. Any cats. I like cats.
  3. I had forgotten how much I adore Ryan Gage until I saw this announcement.
  4. YES! I was just thinking last night I must check GF&CC and seen Devon and dived at the buy tickets! Hah.
  5. I have about 20 now. I take them out of the boxes (but keep the boxes and packaging) and display them on my book shelves. Most of them are book related charactes, so they sit with or near the books. Those that are TV show/Movie related are sort of grouped together with any random stuff on my shelves.
  6. Some outlander guests would be awesome! :)
  7. SO EXCITED FOR ANOTHER MERLIN KNIGHT. Having to figure out a way of getting from my hairdressers appointment back in time for the photoshoot but i will do it, dammit!
  8. it's not showing as sold out for me? at least it's allowing me to add one to my basket on the ticket page...
  9. Not entirely certain what time I'm going to get there on Saturday but I was wondering, if i have an early bird ticket but arrive after the early bird time - when regular ticket holders are going in - do i have to join that queue or can i just go to the door and show the early bird ticket to get straight in?
  10. Woohoo, so having missed last year because it clashed with a race at knockhill (also there wasn't any guests I was interested in meeting), i've just booked for the Saturday of this year!. Would have booked the full weekend and got a photo op with John Challis as well, but there's another race I want to go to that weekend and for the sake of that one photo op it didn't seem worth it. Excited though, i had so much fun in 2014.
  11. waaah. just booked myself BTCC tickets before checking the date and it clashes with collectormania. luckily hadn't booked anything for this yet, so i guess possibly i'll just end up meeting a load of lovely drivers instead of meeting lovely actors and spending £198475039857603 on merchandise
  12. i'm considering newcastle too, going to see what guests are announced though as my plan is to save a bit of money next year and i've already got three cons planned for it
  13. alexander vlahos, eoin macken, bradley james, colin morgan, tom hopper, katie mcgrath, angel coulby, adetomiwa edun (can you tell i'm re-watching merlin at the moment...)
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