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  1. I met him on Saturday and was really happy with my experience - I knew he was bound to be super busy and everything would be pretty quick, but I'm so glad I did (and it was less rushed than I'd imagined it might be - although I'd deliberately tried to get a lowish number diamond pass which I'm sure helped). I too appreciated how, as you mentioned, at the photoshoot he was welcoming everyone as they stepped up before turning to face the photographer. He greeted me warmly, we shook hands, I HAD A HUG FROM MULDER!! and after the photo was taken he said something along the lines of hoping I enjoyed the rest of the day, and shook my hand again. I'm so happy with how the photo turned out! After the morning shoot I went straight to join the short auto session he was going to do before lunch and although everyone was moved along pretty quickly he was still stopped to greet me again, chose the same colour to match the other autos I already had on my poster and signed it carefully - I was surprised he was doing personalisations, I appreciated that. We exchanged a few words whilst he was signing, and then he gave me a fist bump after (quicker than hand shakes I guess, you can do it with the pen still in hand - makes sense! ) and thanked me for coming. I also really enjoyed his talk, and didn't see anything wrong with his manner at all (I'm surprised to hear people did?) - he's a little more laid back and with a drier sense of humour and different kind of delivery than some guests but I thought he answered the good questions well and dealt with the more dubious ones without wasting too much time on them lol!
  2. Yeah I would have definitely assumed that, but it seems at SM events you have to specifically ask even in these cases (unless it's a prop shoot that suits portrait better) - both from my (and friends') experience and checking out the digital photo gallery. But I finally twigged you can actually ask to have it taken your preferred way, and I'm really happy with the result this time :)
  3. How odd... Well, it sounds like you got it home safely, that’s the main thing! If you put it in a frame with a mount it’ll keep the ink away from the glass/plastic so it shouldn’t smudge whilst it’s still drying (good practice anyway, you don’t want it to stick to the ink) - it’ll have to dry eventually!
  4. Love everyone's photos! Here's mine with David Duchovny
  5. Really happy with how this turned out! I asked the crew member when I was the next in line, and she said she'd tell the photographer. Success!
  6. Thanks guys! Haha yeah, I think my instinct would be to sort of mimic rotating a camera 90 degrees or some such motion, all helps, right? Cheers all!
  7. If I can’t make it today, will I be able to pick up my diamond pass (for Saturday) until 7pm when the shoe closes tomorrow (Friday) evening? Or will the ticket desk close early? Thanks very much
  8. Thanks. So if I pick up my pass today, where do I collect the print from over the weekend?
  9. When we pick up our diamond passes, is that when we’ll get the exclusive prints as well? Thanks.
  10. Thank you both very much, that's really helpful advice! And if I simply ask "Could you take it portrait please?" that's enough right, that makes sense? Thanks again!
  11. I can only assume a lot of people probably went crazy on their own FB/twitter etc instead! Perhaps people from the older fandoms (no offence, I am certainly one!) don't use the forums as much as they used to, I might be wrong but I get that feeling - and I have friends who steer clear of responding to announcement posts on SM's twitter/fb because of negative people jumping in... I reckon he'll be enormously popular at the event though, and I remember the night he was announced I, and others, had trouble accessing the site to buy tickets so I assume there was a lot a traffic! Well, I for one can't wait!!!
  12. Hi. I haven't had a photoshoot at a SM convention for a while, and I wanted to check if they still tend to be taken landscape, quite close up (only head and shoulders) rather than portrait? I am really looking forward to having a photo with David Duchovny, but I would much prefer it to be taken portrait, and I'm sure people used to advise you ask if you'd prefer it to be taken that way, but I'm worried it'll all happen so quickly there won't be time to ask! And who do you ask - the photographer? The crewmember taking your ticket? It's a lot of money and I just want to be happy with it (in the past I've had photos where my close-up landscape photo looks weird because of the height difference between me and the guest, or if they've hugged me but because of how close up it is you can't see that etc...) I'm scared I'll turn to the photographer to ask and *click* they'll have taken the photo! Thanks!
  13. Try YALC on twitter - @yalc_uk I'm sure they'll be happy to help :)
  14. Thank you both. So I could go in the YALC entrance from 10am? Although I guess at that time there would be a way to go between the areas inside, without exiting the building and going round to the YALC entrance?
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