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  1. Yaget

    New photo op with Rob Liefeld

    Are all of Robs photoshoots now featuring deadpool?
  2. https://valkilmer.com/the-movie-roles-of-val-kilmer-autographed-pop-figures-poster/
  3. That was me! I really appreciate the decency and honesty, I was sick as a dog all afternoon because I was asked to wait until the end Of The day to see if somebody hands it in! As it turns out I never got that pass back but the staff were so lovely about it and made sure I got all the things I was entitled to! Thank you again for reminding me that convention folk are largely made of decent stuff!
  4. Over the moon with this announcement! That's it :)
  5. I've met many people at conventions and nobody had made me feel as good as Doug has! He is so lovely and he respects all his fans equally
  6. Yaget

    Steven Berkoff

    I'm still very happy with mine! Even a bad experience is an experience! Ive personally had a few dissatisfying experiences with guests but I know others had enjoyable experiences with the same guests. Ultimately you are paying to meet a human being unfortunately some turn out to be grumpy self centred spoilt and rude, that's life! Chalk it up to experience and move on! He is already getting more time spent on discussing him than he deserves! He needs his fans more than his fans need him!
  7. Yaget

    Steven Berkoff

    And personally my first thought on seeing that personalisation was 'if the other guests are saying it as well!............' it says it all. I can't really say anything as I got a nice little anecdote out of it and Judge thought 'grumpy grandpas'face was hysterical
  8. Yaget

    Steven Berkoff

    Photoshoot was Saturday so I got it signed Sunday 😊
  9. Yaget

    Steven Berkoff

    Think judge summed up my experience
  10. Think I'll contact the store, with him being one of the smaller guests, hopefully will be able to have pic at the table with him!
  11. I have the same problem Are you going to contact the store or see what you can do on the day?
  12. Vic Armstrong is only doing one photoshoot and Its bang smack in the middle of the Ron Perlman talk, with it being such a small shoot I'm guessing my only option is to contact the store for a refund.
  13. Has anyone actually stated that it will be a diamond guest?
  14. I met Doug Jones in Birmingham :)