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  1. Showmasters, in future, can you let us know if a guest is only happy to sign autographs that ARE personalised. I asked one guest for signature and character name only today and it led to and awkward conversation with me trying to reassure them I wasn’t and autograph dealer. If I had know, I would have asked for personalisation as I collect both but prefer unpersonalised in the first instance. Thanks.
  2. I'm not settling for anything but old normal coming back. No tests, not track and trace, no masks, no social distancing, no covid passorts/social credit scores.
  3. No such thing as new-normal, just normal or abnormal.
  4. Thats 100,000 tests over the 3 days. hardly practical.
  5. YES. ME. I need to get doing things again. I'd go tomorrow if it was acually a normal con - not 'new-normal'. With London how it is at the moment, getting stabbed is more of a worry for me than covid.
  6. No, life always had risks. Gotta start living life again sometime.
  7. 6 months semi-lockdown. Well thats the Winter and Spring events humped. Roll on LFCC Summer 2021 (maybe).
  8. Oh wow didn't know that. Dog must have been bored stiff.
  9. Anyone see antiques roadshow tonight with their item on the Morden Hall Sunday Pictorial Garden party? It totally looked like a 1940s/50s version of LFCC. Autograph signings, photoshoots, recordings with stars, main stage, auctions... the lot! Things they have that we don't though - telephone call with a star, act a scene with a star, star horoscopes, film dogs, and a funfair. Maybe some ideas for Jason for next year - we need a funfair and some film animals..maybe the cat from Captain marvel. Never anything like this existed before. How do you fancy this for a lineup ...Bert Lancaster, John Laurie, Bela Lugosi, John Mills, David Niven, Alastair Sim, Peter Ustinov, Orson Welles, Richard Attenborough, Dirk Bogarde, Diana Dors, Douglas Fairbanks, Audrey Hepburn.
  10. This isn't in the T&Cs for the gold passes! If this is the case it doesn't need REWORDING it needs ADDING to the t&c's otherwise they are being sold under false pretences. If queue is closed because the guest is going somewhere obviously thats fine otherwise you would be queuing for no reason. But if its because the queue has been mismanged, why is that the gold pass holders problem? Personally I hope gold and diamond passes are scrapped and SM just start selling autograph tickets.
  11. You don't have priority over diamond pass holders and the queues often start diamond only. But this wasn't the case - I had gold pass and a low VQ ticket and the queue was 0-100 for VQ tickets.
  12. They are never going to give you seating. People have been asking for it for the whole 15 year history of lfcc - it's not going to happen. Seating costs money, people sitting on the hard dirty floor doesn't.
  13. Only two reasons I get a gold pass 1 - get in 5 mins early to get early VQ tickets for diamond guests. 2 - ability to join any queues. First bit was great - much prefer the entry procedure - being inside, with seating, toliets and being close to signing area. Second bit not so good. Was refused entry to two different queues (Billy Dee Williams Saturday and Tara Fitzgerald Sunday) as they had been mismanaged and got too busy. I don't expect to pay £260 for a pass that gives me the ability to join queues and then be told I can't join the queue because its too busy. Didn't have time to do any talks in the end so can comment on seating. However, I think in general there needs to be better training of the blue shirts so they know what gold pass holders are entitled to. The early entry Sat was due to high numbers of people in the queue outside in the rain. The gold passes did still go in 5 mins earlier than regular entry.
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