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  1. gobo1979uk

    VERY Important post about Winter

    Ah well. Least it's plenty of notice. However, might be a bit optimistic to get Brexit done by Spring the way things have been the last 3 years.
  2. gobo1979uk

    Gold pass 2019 feedback

    This isn't in the T&Cs for the gold passes! If this is the case it doesn't need REWORDING it needs ADDING to the t&c's otherwise they are being sold under false pretences. If queue is closed because the guest is going somewhere obviously thats fine otherwise you would be queuing for no reason. But if its because the queue has been mismanged, why is that the gold pass holders problem? Personally I hope gold and diamond passes are scrapped and SM just start selling autograph tickets.
  3. gobo1979uk

    Gold pass 2019 feedback

    You don't have priority over diamond pass holders and the queues often start diamond only. But this wasn't the case - I had gold pass and a low VQ ticket and the queue was 0-100 for VQ tickets.
  4. gobo1979uk

    Great day at LFCC but...

    They are never going to give you seating. People have been asking for it for the whole 15 year history of lfcc - it's not going to happen. Seating costs money, people sitting on the hard dirty floor doesn't.
  5. gobo1979uk

    Gold pass 2019 feedback

    Only two reasons I get a gold pass 1 - get in 5 mins early to get early VQ tickets for diamond guests. 2 - ability to join any queues. First bit was great - much prefer the entry procedure - being inside, with seating, toliets and being close to signing area. Second bit not so good. Was refused entry to two different queues (Billy Dee Williams Saturday and Tara Fitzgerald Sunday) as they had been mismanaged and got too busy. I don't expect to pay £260 for a pass that gives me the ability to join queues and then be told I can't join the queue because its too busy. Didn't have time to do any talks in the end so can comment on seating. However, I think in general there needs to be better training of the blue shirts so they know what gold pass holders are entitled to. The early entry Sat was due to high numbers of people in the queue outside in the rain. The gold passes did still go in 5 mins earlier than regular entry.
  6. Great. can't believe only £15 too!
  7. gobo1979uk

    Great Guests experiences

    Alicia Witt was really lovely in 2017. Hope she comes back again cos missed the gig she did when she was over got LFCC so want to catch her next time. Maybe this is something Showmasters could think about if there are other acting guests who are also musicians. Could have a gig after the con on the sat night.
  8. gobo1979uk

    Gold Pass wishes

    This is Britain. Companies charge what people are daft enough (including me) to pay. If people are buying gold passes in decent number there is no incentive to make them better. Sadly.
  9. gobo1979uk

    Gold Pass wishes

    Ok let me rephrase. ' I'd just be happy if the STAFF explained the gold pass rules to the VOLUNTEERS at the show so we actually get what we paid for.
  10. gobo1979uk

    Gold Pass wishes

    I'd just be happy if the gold pass rules were explained to the staff at the show so we actually get what we paid for.
  11. gobo1979uk

    Gold Tickets and diamond passes

    anyone know when thes goldpasses are going to be released?
  12. gobo1979uk

    LFCC 2019

    Did anyone see any posters/flyers with the 2019 (summer) date on? Seem to remember last year the date was on a banner on the way out but didn't see anything this year.
  13. gobo1979uk

    LFCC 2018: Highs and Lows

    There seems to be a newer type of 'dealer' now at the shows. Previously autograph dealers would get things signed to sell on. Now there are an increasing number of people who are offering to got to the show get things signed for people and charging for this service. This isnt a problem with the bigger guests as you are limited to 5 items but on the smaller guests there is no limit. With one guest I was stuck behind someone getting 16 items signed for people - all with specific pen colour and differences in what they wanted to be written. So annoying when you are second in the queue and still have 10mins+ wait. Maybe SM could bring in a blanket 5 items limit at one go - if you want more you can re-queue.
  14. gobo1979uk

    Latest Guest Announcement - RAY PARK

    Is th shop still having problems. No option to buy DP or talk ticket still.
  15. Got some update myself. Apparently Salo Gardner never played Trinto Duaba in ANH. He played an unnamed human character at the bar. The Trinto Duaba mask/costume was never available in London when Salo was there and was only filmed in USA on pickups. Seems like the Trinto Duaba character only got attatched to Salo due to the similarity in facial features. Confusingly, Salo did play a character named as Trinto Duaba in TFA! The upshot of this is that it's likely Kim Falkenburg played Trinto Duaba, Djhas Phur and one of the Cantina band. Not sure about the Duros. Possibly also Arleil Schous/Wolfman. :-s