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  1. Would love a SOA triple photo op with Mark Boone Jr, Kim Coates, & please add Charlie Hunnam to the line up!
  2. My son will be happy! He had the Iron Fist group shot last year & regretted not getting Sacha separately... Now, if you could get Jessica Henwick back by herself, you'd make his year!
  3. I went to ask about VQ's on Saturday morning & was just told to join the queue, which I did.
  4. I meant arrived late in comparison to the other guests.
  5. I had a VQ for Bernard, but as he arrived so late & his time was limited, we decided not to go as we already had other photos booked.
  6. Can anyone remember the name of the stall at LFCC that had all the viking style jewellery & drinking horns? Also the stall that sold the big model dragons & wolves. Should have picked up a card & didn't. Thank you in advance!
  7. I always share mine with family & friends, as they see it as a passion of mine & something I love & want to see the results of that interest.
  8. My son loved meeting the Iron Fist cast! He had a group photo with them & Finn overheard him telling someone he'd just had his 18th birthday & gave him a HUGE hug! Sacha was lovely, Jessica put her hand on my son's shoulder for the photo & they were all smiling in the pic, & it just made his day! We saw Finn at the auto table later on & he remembered him, saying "There's the birthday boy again!" Finn then proceeded to sign autos for a good half an hour with his nephew sat on his shoulders, which was the CUTEST thing I saw all weekend!
  9. Val was absolutely lovely to meet, despite the obvious difficulties he had over the weekend. I was torn over whether I wanted to get his auto, but by Sunday morning, I had convinced myself (& my bank balance) that it was worth it! I went to get a VQ ticket & asked what number they were up to & the guy in the blue shirt said I could just join the line there & then! So happy! Val was a delight! He acknowledged me when I walked to his table & said hi... signed my Iceman photo "You can be my wingman anytime!" Top Gun is my all-time favourite movie, so meeting him was a lifetime goal met with pure joy! He said "Lovely to meet you" & I replied the pleasure & honour was all mine. God bless Val Kilmer!!!
  10. Even if you book the dates as stated, most hotels will let you change your dates or have a cancellation refund policy. I'd be tempted to book quite a way in advance. Can always change the dates on the booking without too much of a fuss. That's what we did this year with our coach tickets (non-refundable but could change the dates) - changed from Mayto July (LFCC).
  11. Trying to find out the name of the stall that had all the viking style jewellery & drinking horns. Also, the stall by the entrance with all the dragons on. Should have picked up a card & didn't. Thank you in advance!
  12. Wanted John Barrowman's auto as he was too busy the last time I saw him, but couldn't get near his table because of all the Somerhalder fangirls hanging around. However, I did get 2 hugs from him in my photo op as I had my eyes shut the first time, & he said he loved that I was wearing his "Never apologise for being geeky" shirt.
  13. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Another fantastic year! This event just gets better & better! All the guests I met were lovely, & it was great to catch up with a few friends as well. My son had a fabulous extended 18th birthday weekend. Definitely making this event our annual trip from now on, as there have been guests we haven't met every single year we have been so far. Kudos to all the volunteers, pit bosses, guest handlers & staff that make these events run so well, didn't have any issues or clashes all weekend. Also, for a weekend that could have been totally ruined by my bank card completely failing on me, it has also shown me I have some truly AMAZING & selfless friends, & for that I am truly thankful! You know who you are, & you're all on my Christmas card list!!! PS: Special shout-out to Jason Joiner, of course... without you, these events wouldn't happen, & we appreciate all the hard work you put in year after year! xxx
  14. Ben Barnes' signature is lovely, as is Rick Gonzalez's... Rick wrote a lovely message on my photo too.
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