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  1. Starbuck73


    Awesome! I was so gutted when he cancelled last year! Looking forward to finally getting my Ice Man autograph!
  2. Starbuck73

    Statement From Jason

    We're going to have to work on that one... I can't imagine saying that after ONE drink, let alone a few lol
  3. Starbuck73

    Statement From Jason

    Would love David Tennant to come back, as he was only there one day last year so couldn't afford him... Also Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill would be amazing too!
  4. Starbuck73

    Statement From Jason

    Full transparency & communication from an event organiser... imagine if they were all like that! Appreciate all your hard work every year Jason & team, this event tops any others I have been to through the 10 years+ I have been going to these events. Keep up the amazing work! xx PS: Ralph Macchio would top off the Cobra Kai group shot perfectly! xxx
  5. Definitely going for the group shot... Cobra Kai is an awesome series!
  6. Hope he'll have his Hawk hair... no hair, no Hawk IMO
  7. Starbuck73


    Cobra Kai Group Photo Price: £75 (Sunday ONLY) (Xolo Mariduena, Jacob Bertrand, Martin Kove, William Zabka)
  8. Starbuck73


    Cobra Kai Group Photo Price: £75 (Sunday ONLY) (Xolo Mariduena, Jacob Bertrand, Martin Kove, William Zabka)
  9. Fantastic announcement, have missed him a few times. Loved him in T2 & SONS.
  10. Starbuck73

    Guest Suggestions

    Robert Englund was a great crowd pleaser a couple of years ago, he would be great to have back again!
  11. Starbuck73

    LFCC programs...

    They definitely did, because someone let me have a quick read of theirs while I was waiting for my photo with Tom Welling.
  12. Starbuck73

    Photo orientation

    Got both of my shoots (Tom Welling & Jason Momoa) in portrait in the end, love the photos!
  13. Starbuck73

    LFCC programs...

    Hi, this is a bit of a long shot, but if anyone has a spare program that they were selling for £5 over the weekend or one that they don’t want, would I be able to buy it off you/have it? They we’re selling them yesterday while we were queueing to get in but didn’t get to us before the doors opened. Oddly, they didn’t have the at the merch desk & the sales desk was way too busy to ask. I would be eternally grateful, thanks in advance!
  14. Starbuck73

    Step counts?

    15,227 steps... 6.7 miles around Olympia!!! (Apple Watch).
  15. Starbuck73

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Oh well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad lol