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  1. Very few wearing masks at LFCC Spring that I can recall, though Summer is obviously a much bigger event. Personally, I have had 5 jabs (post kidney transplant so low immunity) but I am also mask exempt, so I'd say it's down to personal circumstances & decisions.
  2. Bought my photo with Richard this morning! Can't wait to meet him, he's a legend!
  3. Told by who? Unless it's by those who know (IE Jason or his staff), it's not true.
  4. Wondering if this will affect photo pose options? I remember Eve Myles photos being seated when she was pregnant (2009 I believe)
  5. Bit the bullet & bought tickets! Eldest is having a double shoot with Jodie & Mandip! Just deciding on a photoshoot for myself... maybe Richard E Grant... what a legend!
  6. Thank you so much Raylenth! Recovery is going well & kidney not showing any signs of rejection, which is brilliant! Will miss all my con buddies this year & looking forward to LFCC Summer 2021!
  7. Just a couple of suggestions, though not sure if it's the correct supplier you are looking for... https://geekbabyclothes.com/star-wars-baby-clothes-onesies/ https://www.shopdisney.co.uk/disney-store-ewok-baby-costume-bodysuit-2845011390040M.html
  8. UPDATE: For anyone who is interested, I had a kidney transplant last week! Completely unexpected, having only just been listed, but so amazing! Home recovering now & under fresh shielding guidelines (another 3 months! ) so LFCC in November is still pretty much off the table for me. I just wanted to say thank you again for the support & I hope everyone has fun in November! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
  9. Having reviewed my current health status with my doctor, I am no longer attending in November. My tickets have already been refunded. For those curious, I am currently in stage 5 kidney failure & am about to be transplant listed. Hospital appointments galore at the moment! I hope all of you who do manage to attend have a great weekend & enjoy yourselves as much as is socially acceptable!
  10. Always seem to have missed meeting Marc at previous events, can't wait! Birthday treat for me!
  11. I am wondering how the new 14 day isolation rules on incoming flights will have an effect on guest's availability & willingness to travel. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rules (don't get me started! ) but this will cut down on attendee numbers as well.
  12. Unfortunately due to health (& timing) issues, I am unsure if I will even be able to attend a rescheduled event at the moment, so a refund is currently my only option. I am due in hospital next week & possibly again before the end of the year. I have emailed Eventbrite directly about this but am yet to hear anything back from them.
  13. Unfortunately I can't afford to waste £120 on tickets, so require a refund. And unless Showmasters cancels the event, I won't get the money back. Simple as that really. EDIT: Just read a reply to another comment on Twitter that says: "As things are currently changing on a weekly & sometimes daily basis, any updates will be issued across our social media & directly to ticket holders. We're hoping to provide an update at the start of June. Thanks for your patience & stay safe." So it looks like it will be at least 3 weeks before any updates.
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