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  1. When I met him years and years ago at a signing we had a smiley photo and then a "silly" one per his request which resulted in him pouting and me pulling a silly face.
  2. If the guest announcement is MCU or Spiderman related...
  3. I know it's a stretch but Tom Holland would be an amazing guest to have and would make my life if you ever got him. He's local to London, does a lot of conventions all around the world and Spiderman: Far From Home will have been released that month so
  4. Seeing some pictures on Twitter, has anyone got any email yet? I have a feeling I entered in my email incorrectly however I got told it would've been an open link to all the images so i wasn't too worried. If anyone did get an email of the folder it'd be much appreciated if you could share it :) EDIT Got the email, was in my spam folder.
  5. How is everyone doing today? I'm having mega con blues today and really eager to plan for next year lol
  6. I didn't even know they were a thing until I saw pictures of it on my way home Shame really as would've loved to pick one up on the day
  7. Thank you so so much! Such an experience that i'll remember for a very long time :)
  8. Haven't managed to scan my pictures yet but couldn't help myself and post them now Pretty sure my face says it all in each picture!
  9. I have a feeling the reason it wasn't allowed was because of how tight the space was. I remember when I was next for the Tardis shoot for Tennant I was worried I'd be in the shot of the picture as the white line on the floor where we got asked to stand was very close to David and the person getting the photo.
  10. Didn't think about this, wish I wore my Fitbit for the Sunday, according to my phone I walked 19,001 steps but it was definitely a lot more than that since there were times it was out and being used and also out of battery.
  11. Christopher was amazing to meet, I wanted to be different so said I enjoyed him in Thor (which I watched the other week, and he of course was) and he thanked me so much and wished me all the best. He also kneeled down and had a full on talk with the people in front who were in wheelchairs, spent a good 2 minutes talking to one guy about football which I thought was really lovely of him.
  12. As am I! The woman at the Extra Helpdesk couldn't have been more helpful when I told her my situation, the first thing she did was assure me that everything is fine and I'm not the only one who's been in this situation and I thankfully had something else that was enough proof in support for the wristband. I did! Every worry I had over my three-way clash as well as being claustrophobic/struggling to walk etc was all out the window because if I ever needed a seat or anything, the staff were quick to offer me there's for as long as need be. The only negative thing I'd say is there should be a lot more seats jotted around the venue, possibly maybe even a section of it just for tables and chairs etc for the people with the Extra help wristbands because any other seats were taken (which was perfectly fine of course, just a bit of a struggle walking from one end of the hall to the other just to sit down)
  13. I can't thank all the Showmasters staff and crew enough for all the help that was given when needed, I nor my Mum have a visible disability at first glance yet everyone from the staff to the people in the queue with myself was not questioning anything or treating me any differently (which is something you face and worry about A LOT when you have an invisible disability) and were quick to help us in any way when it was needed. It's sad to hear that this wasn't the same outcome for everybody else, however I'm glad it's being noted and looked into so it doesn't repeat itself for future events. I sound like a broken record but thank you again for all the help offered, had it not been given it could have been a really bad day (which was my biggest worry) but I'm so glad that wasn't the case and look forward to the more LFCC's to come <3
  14. We'll get it within a week they said, it'll be a email with a link to all the photos uploaded.
  15. Can't thank staff enough for yesterday, this was my first LFCC event and after many years of wanting to do it, I finally decided to this year and my what an event it was. I had so many worries over the event as I knew problems from previous years and was worried they'd repeat itself as well as more problems occurring with both mine and my Mum's disabilities. Was I wrong about all my worries? Was the whole day amazing from start to finish with no hiccups and problems? Yes. I forgot my documents for my extra help wristband and was in a complete turmoil over it, stressed to the max that I wouldn't be able to get the wristband and would be heavily struggling all day if so. The woman at the EH desk told me to breathe and relax and assured me it's fine and I'm not the only one who has been in this situation and then asked if I had any type of disability card on me that validates that I do have the issues I'm explaining, thankfully I did have my disabled bus pass on me which she said was fine and gave me the wristband as well as information on where to get assistance if required for both me and my Mum. Can not thank her enough for sorting out this hiccup from myself and assuring me everything would be fine as well. The next person I'd like to thank would be the woman in red at the help desk around lunchtime (I'm bad with names, sorry!) I asked if there was anywhere that I could sit as I was in a lot of pain due to standing and walking for long amounts of time and she said she wasn't sure where the best place would be but instead offered one of the seats at the desk to sit at the opposite end of the table for 5 minutes to catch myself all again. It was a little thing from her end but when you're in a lot of pain it's the little things that matter the most to you and it helped me so much as did the other times I sat down for 5/10 minutes (extra special thanks to the woman at the plastic cover stall across from the guests signings who let me grab her chair as well to sit down at one point during the day) The only negative thing I'd say would be the lack of seats around the arena, it might be best maybe having a specific section for people needing to sit and have a breather or at least seats all around the arena as we did spend a painfully long time looking for somewhere to sit down during the day. However, I'm pretty sure this is more of an issue based on the arena and not Showmasters themselves which makes a lot of sense. Amazing day and already planning on coming back next year, thank you everyone :)
  16. This is why you ask and pick up business cards
  17. Had my disabled bus pass with me which they accepted, special thank you to staff, so helpful and kind and made me stress free. EDIT, quoted the wrong post!
  18. Arrived in London after a hell 9 hour coach ride only to realise I've forgot my doctors letter for the Extra Help wristband, the person coming with me has her docuements so should get hers no bother but I don't know what to do for myself, is there anything that can be done or arranged so I can still get one as well (as it's highly needed for myself) or is it all a lost cause? Panicking massively so any help from anyone would be much appreciated!
  19. It's a shame Sylvester had to cancel due to work schedules and Tom could only do the Friday (understandably of course), we would've fully had the whole Doctor's lineup. However even this is beyond words and expectations, they've really come through this year!
  20. Keep trying and refreshing is the best thing you can really do, I know it sounds useless but it's what I kept doing and eventually got it.
  21. I can already imagine the silence in the whole venue for a few seconds and screams and cheers the next
  22. Keep refreshing and keep trying, the TARDIS photoshoot was available for me and I tried to hold it off as much as I could to get the normal photoshoot (as that's what I had for the other 3) however I didn't want to risk it so gave in and i'm happy regardless, good luck :)
  23. According to the Twitter page the TARDIS photoshoot will be from 1PM - 2PM, very glad it isn't clashing with 9, 11 and 12, couldn't deal with yet another stress
  24. Just booked my TARDIS photoshoot, would've prefered a normal photo shoot like the others (especially since they seem to be later in the afternoon and I have a coach to catch) but I'm not complaining one bit, over the moon at this and can't wait for tomorrow! EDIT, time has been announced and not late like Christophers at all, amazing!
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