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  1. I'm going as the Tardis one day, and a new one the next (secret!). Here's my Tardis.. wore it at Glasgow two weeks ago and Sheffield last weekend!
  2. Paul McGann! I met him at the weekend and he was so lovely and I know he was there last year but I don't care.
  3. The outfit itself didn't take long to make because it was just based off an apron! My flashing head light was 3D printed and wired by my brother so that was really easy too. The bag though - that took me ages! I've never made a bag before so it was a bit of a learning process! I spent over two months trying to figure it out and then sewing it up and what not. I loved it though. And it was lovely how many people he made smile! xx
  4. Meeeeeeeee! I was the crazy Tardis lady xxx
  5. I missed it too, but when I was talking to him Saturday morning he mentioned he'd signed on to pacific rim 2 if that helps?? I haven't even seen the first yet! He soon clocked me as a 'Torchwood weirdo' .
  6. Great pics!! Love the pic of me and my brother (I'm the Tardis!). I'm gonna have to invest in a proper camera for the next con I go to I think.. none of this iPhone stuff!
  7. He was the first guest I met on Saturday.. I was stood waiting for Sylvester McCoy and Burn turned up first so I quite literally skipped over in my Tardis outfit to meet him first. He was so lovely!! I'm so glad I got to meet him.
  8. I was the Tardis with K9! HI. I had an absolutely amazing time. I didn't get as many photos as I'd have liked to, but I did get quite a few with other cosplayers which was nice :).
  9. Are you taking your dalek?? I'm going as a Tardis.. With a K9 bag. Testing it out at Glasgow next month then rocking it again next year!
  10. My inner Harry Potter geek wants to meet this guy so bad. MAYBE.
  11. As a Doctor Who fan I'm pretty pleased. The only guest that's actually making me travel up to this event though is William Russell... He's the big one for me. Sylvester McCoy is amazing too but I already met him this year!
  12. Doctor Who stuff mainly! I like the unusual stuff. At my last con I bought a big hand knitted K9. It's amazing.
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