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  1. I had a fantastic time! As a gold pass holder I did of course have an advantage at the queues and stuff but of course that's also what I paid for so ... what else can I say right?! LOL The only constructive things I have to add is that the layout was a challenge and I am sure that will be fixed next year like you said Jason so that's all and the other thing was that if my friend wouldn't have texted me at night I would have missed the change in schedule for Catherine Tate so I would have liked to see a twitter post on that day which is easier to keep an eye on than the forum (the tweet didn't come until the next morning). But that's all :) Overall I had an amazing time and Showmasters made me beyond happy once again. Thank you :)
  2. What Nanny said... can't we just keep the Sunday ticket and use it on Saturday instead? Seems easier? And if not... when is soon? Tickets don't seem to be up, yet?
  3. Hi guys! Quick Question: I got an application to crew for Belfast. in the form it says this is for a crew application and not a helper application... can someone explain the difference to me, please? Thanks :) Nadine ------ I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE THIS POST BUT IF FIGURED OUT THE DIFFERENCE IT'S ALL GOOD.! :)______
  4. I chatted to him last year and got my picture and autograph and he's just the nicest person :) You SO need to meet him :) He was also very charming and called me a beautiful woman but I guess that might have been due to the fact of me wearing my R2D2 dress lol
  5. Hmmm... it seems like it's BTTF alright but then I am thinking their overall countdown to the actual event has the same format so I am just wondering if it's just a coincidence? I would say that any really big announcement for this event needs to be Star Wars related, right? Due to the anniversary of Empire right? Anyway.... MJF would be EPIC!!!!
  6. Wooohoo!!! :) Need to think about what I'll get signed this time :) Looooove Colin
  7. Bigger than 2014? OMG I am going to die of excitement!!! :clap:
  8. awwwh I really wanted to get that picture of him and I signed i had taken at LFCC... oh well... as long as Billie doesn't cancel I am still happy.
  9. OMG I can't believe it!!!! I stopped breathing when I saw it and just sat here for five minutes my hand in front of my mouth shock and tears in my eyes... I am actually going to meet Billie Piper!!!! She is one of the biggest guests in the world for me.... I don't believe it!!! :clap:
  10. Yes certainly it's hard to see the photo being transferable, but if someone offered you silly money for your option of a second autograph (even if you got it for them) or your second seat, it could be a benefit to both parties. If i was to go diamond but my friend was couldnt afford it id happily give her my 2nd auto for a fee even if it meant me getting it for her. Ok I guess what I am trying to say is that I fail to see how that would be possible... as I very much believe that they will all be linked to the armband you'll be getting. you will not be able to give it to a friend or sell it as far as I can imagine... get me? I mean i'd totally be happy to give it to a friend or whatever i have no issue with any of that I am just saying that i can't see this working know what i mean? I think it'll all be linked to your armband that'll be firmly attached to YOUR arm for the three days :)
  11. Maybe I'm odd but I don't see there's anything to be excited about yet. You could spend all that money and find there's no-one you actually want to meet. Unlikely I know but as someone said above, it's like buying a ticket for the cinema or a concert and not having any idea of who or what you're going to see. You wouldn't do it. Maybe you ARE odd?! :) Or maybe I am?!?! What does it matter?! We both do the things that make sense to us an make us most happy!!! This convention is the event of the year for me so damn straight i buy a gold pass the first day because it makes me happy! I have my hotel booked for two months already :) Flights weren't open to be sold yet (not sure if they are now) but after next Payday I'll be booking those too. That's just how I do things :) Because... it makes me happy :) I totally understand you, Sheldine. I've already booked my flight and Hotel, and I feel happy because now I have only to wait for my next fabolous holidays in July! YAAAAIIIIIIII !!!! I know it's great isn't it???? Three of my friends also booked their gold passes already! Two (a couple) yesterday (they are traveling from Germany) and one buddy from the UK. My friend and I are flying in from Ireland. :) I am beyond excited I can't bloody wait!!! :clap:Hey if you're on twitter add me if you want :) Same name there as here :) (goes for everyone else too btw I love making new con friends! )
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