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  1. My friend had a photoshoot with Stan Lee on Saturday, but was told that they couldn't do it. I reckon she will be refunded as well, right? What should they do??? They were s gutted they'd spent 65 pounds and all that traveling only to be turned away after hours of queuing.
  2. The screening, yes! What happened there?? My only real complaint...
  3. HopelesslyLola


    I wonder if you said that to me to? LOL. I was wearing the creepy, huge smile, purge mask and a few people told me to smile on Saturday. I almost died laughing when one person goes ((go on, smile. You look miserable)) LOL I saw you! Amazing really to see you skipping around :)
  4. It's insulting, that's what it is.
  5. HopelesslyLola

    Experiences with Guests!

    Me and my friend went up to Will Tudor cause NOBODY was talking to him, and he was absolutely lovely. Spent a good ten minutes chatting to us about where we were from, what it was like etc. really very very charming, a shame he seemed almost bored
  6. HopelesslyLola


    I wanted to thank @LadyDeTemps for the amaaaazing necklace! such an incredibly sweet gift, you made my (hot and sweaty) day
  7. HopelesslyLola

    GoT Screening Mystery Guest?

    All in all, if this is how it goes, I would've prefered the talk. At least I would've been able to SEE the guests as they talked, since the episode had nothing to do with it.
  8. HopelesslyLola

    GoT Screening Mystery Guest?

    The guests really made the best out of a bad situation, and the host was hilarious, but...I was quite gutted.
  9. HopelesslyLola

    GoT Screening Mystery Guest?

    Probably, but they should have apologized and tried to make up for it I think...with the big amount of GOT fans canceling, and the mystery guests being a big part of the original appeal of the 20£ screening....this was a harsh blow. Really, the guys were amazing, and I love them to death for how funny they were, but fact remains that while it was supposed to start at 7, there was a massive mess beforehand, and at 7:30 people started being let in, and the episode really wasn't very relevant to the guests they had I think personally.
  10. HopelesslyLola

    GoT Screening Mystery Guest?

    I was really quite disappointed, though they were absolutely lovely and funny. But a piñata is not a guest.
  11. HopelesslyLola

    GoT Screening Mystery Guest?

    A piñata instead of a real guest is definitely not worth the title "mystery guest" to me.
  12. HopelesslyLola

    Taking photos of people cosplaying?

    Normally everyone is more than happy to oblige and post, it's always so flattering!
  13. HopelesslyLola


  14. HopelesslyLola

    Guest Cancellation - Pedro Pascal

    Absolutely gutted