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  1. My friend had a photoshoot with Stan Lee on Saturday, but was told that they couldn't do it. I reckon she will be refunded as well, right? What should they do??? They were s gutted they'd spent 65 pounds and all that traveling only to be turned away after hours of queuing.
  2. I wonder if you said that to me to? LOL. I was wearing the creepy, huge smile, purge mask and a few people told me to smile on Saturday. I almost died laughing when one person goes ((go on, smile. You look miserable)) LOL I saw you! Amazing really to see you skipping around :)
  3. Me and my friend went up to Will Tudor cause NOBODY was talking to him, and he was absolutely lovely. Spent a good ten minutes chatting to us about where we were from, what it was like etc. really very very charming, a shame he seemed almost bored
  4. I wanted to thank @LadyDeTemps for the amaaaazing necklace! such an incredibly sweet gift, you made my (hot and sweaty) day
  5. All in all, if this is how it goes, I would've prefered the talk. At least I would've been able to SEE the guests as they talked, since the episode had nothing to do with it.
  6. The guests really made the best out of a bad situation, and the host was hilarious, but...I was quite gutted.
  7. Probably, but they should have apologized and tried to make up for it I think...with the big amount of GOT fans canceling, and the mystery guests being a big part of the original appeal of the 20£ screening....this was a harsh blow. Really, the guys were amazing, and I love them to death for how funny they were, but fact remains that while it was supposed to start at 7, there was a massive mess beforehand, and at 7:30 people started being let in, and the episode really wasn't very relevant to the guests they had I think personally.
  8. I was really quite disappointed, though they were absolutely lovely and funny. But a piñata is not a guest.
  9. A piñata instead of a real guest is definitely not worth the title "mystery guest" to me.
  10. Normally everyone is more than happy to oblige and post, it's always so flattering!
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