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  1. An extra 3 hours on the Friday is a great move. I am not surprised Friday is going to be close to or sold out.
  2. That sounds most likely yes.Didn't they sell a bunch of online old shop tickets for rda first?Plus with all the golds going first...you might be at the later shoot...
  3. i like the idea only problem is for those that buy entry tickets as gifts for people. how on earth would they get all their photo shoots and talks? Each person attending LFCC must have a unique account/ID. You could still buy tickets as a gift and then load them onto your friend/family members unique id as a gift.
  4. I would go down the card type route personally, but instead of card just have a unique qr or scannable code and everything you buy gets loaded onto your account. You can print your unique id or have it on your phone. Your app would let you view all you've bought and you just have one ticket to carry around. You turn up for rose leslie photo and the person scanning has set their scanner for rose leslie and once scanned your unique code it knows your here for rose and marks that off in your account.
  5. Was a helluva lot easier when tickets were ordered in number...too many getting confused with session and batches!
  6. Since sat/sun sold out and last week friday had sold 70 percent of tickets, I'd expect by the time the show opens for friday to now nearly sellout too and all 3 days to be extremely busy.
  7. Be transparent...saying there is a cap is meaningless, for all we know it could be a 25000 or 40000 cap each day...
  8. I wouldn't do anything that slows down entry or makes things more complicated...a badge/id system might work if you had the space and extra volunteers to process it more quickly. Since the percentage of tickets that have ended up on ebay is tiny, why not devote one of your staff to regularly check and report ebay sales, citing the non-transferrable nature in your report.
  9. Imagine with ovee 400 golds sold and most turn up for gemma and collete's photos...i can imagine the surprise on their faces at the size of the queue!
  10. What happens if you are allergic to the plastic gold wristband? Can I get a gold chain like Mr T. instead?
  11. About 3 weeks out, guest lists always are at their peak, look great. Then as arrangements are being made, in the lead up, you get the unfortunate cancellations. It's rare not to get a handful though, but it's always the ones many of us desire to meet!
  12. Sunday will sell out. It will be equally as busy as Saturday.
  13. People who bought the eventbrite ticket can get the refund quicker, but if you have physical tickets you will probably be advised that sending back note of your order number, gold pass order number and the physical tickets is needed to get a refund....
  14. Guys...I've already started the queue...see you in 2.5 weeks! I'll be the guy with the tent :)
  15. A week? Good luck to the people who buy photoshoots 5-6 days before the event starts and forget to click the button...they'll be getting the email after the event has finished :)
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