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  1. I got 7 autos this weekend, never posted pictures before and can’t seem to insert them into the post so here’s some imgur links (hopefully they work): https://imgur.com/a/8VgTVar - David Tennant https://imgur.com/a/VY2PXsL - from top to bottom, left to right: Ty Tennant, Graham McTavish, Jefferson Hall, Matt Smith, Gavin Spokes and Paddy Considine Amazing weekend overall, looking forward to the next one! :)
  2. Hi all, looking forward to this weekend. Just a quick question; I have a David Tennant Diamond Pass Batch 10, will I get into the first photo shoot of the day in the morning or will I have to wait until the afternoon? Thanks in advance.
  3. My meetings this year were incredible, even though I was only there the Saturday Alfie Allen: he was such a chill guy when I finally got into the queue. Too bad there were no photographs at the table, but I did get the double photo shoot later on. Gemma Whelan: she was awesome! She signed the same photo Alfie signed and we ended up chatting about the GoT episode I watched on the train Red Dead Redemption 2 Actors: they all signed my poster with hilarious quotes from the game and their character names. They were all happy to take selfies with me and I spoke to all of them for ages since there was no queue Jessica Henwick: she also signed my iron fist poster that Finn Jones first signed in Birmingham last month. She was really friendly too, so it was worth missing out on her about 3 times because I couldn't attend other events. Jason Momoa: a little disappointed that he wasn't personalising autos, but I completely understand why because he was so busy. He was so friendly in the small amount of time I got with him, so I can't complain. Got a khal drogo image signed and even fist bumped him, which was pretty awesome Alfie Allen and Gemma Whelan double photo shoot: they were so friendly and welcoming in the short time I got with them here, and the photo turned out amazing! It is now in a frame alongside my double autograph I got in the morning. My only (small) criticism would be the confusion in the queuing, but there were so many people and I understand why this couldn't be helped. Overall amazing day. So happy with the response I got from the guests and I will definitely be coming along next year, and maybe in the winter if there are any guests that I would like to see! (Apologies if anything is unclear here, English is not my first language unfortunately )
  4. Thank you! I don't want to ruin my first signed pop so sharpie it is then
  5. I'm going to get my first pop vinyl signed by Vladimir Furdik this time. Could anyone recommend an ideal pen to use for this? Thank you
  6. Thanks for the answer. I'll have to skip on Sacha this time as I do want to meet Finn and Jessica in person
  7. Hi all, I am hoping to have my Iron Fist poster signed by Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick and Sacha Dhawan. As I won't be able to attend Sunday, would I be able to pre order Sacha's autograph, then leave my poster on the Saturday for it to be signed by him on the Sunday, and then have it mailed back to me? Thanks, Fish
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