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  1. You tell me... I dont know what your thinking. Asking was a legitimate thing - you post to ask why more cosplay guests aren't included, but then fail to define what you mean by cosplay guest, even when someone asks. Cosplayers are welcome at the events, and always have been. SM even provide booths and have run competitions for cosplay outfits. As for paying "people who've become famous for cosplaying" - I'm not sure what market there would be in that. SM work really hard to get guests that will appeal to a large audience, who will pay to see t I have made posts earlier, asking for International Cosplay guests. Since I cant talk about other cons, its kind of hard to say directly. Here is direct, last year Showmasters invited Ivy Doomkitty (if you dont know who she is, please Google her), this year we get no International Cosplay guests. Even one would have been nice.
  2. You tell me... I dont know what your thinking.
  3. I guess the Cosplay community is not big enough or important enough to warrant spending money on it.
  4. Why isn't this on the main page and I cant help notice the lack of international Cosplay guests.
  5. One of the biggest things that drew me to LFCC 2014 was the Cosplay guests. This year it seems that Cosplay has been completely ignored. There isn't even a Cosplay section in the Guests tab. I saw in another post on the forum that LFCC is trying to be more like US cons, that's why I don't understand the lack of Cosplay guests. I wish you will consider 2016 inviting national and international Cosplay guests.
  6. That is always good to hear, she told me the same when I tweeted her (few months ago) and she said the same on her podcast back in July/August 2014. I hope Showmasters agrees to bring her back. Please bring Ivy back, make LFCC the epic event on all fronts, movie, tv, gaming and cosplay.
  7. Strange, other cons have people over more often. I dont understand why not LFCC.
  8. Yes, I met her LFCC 2014, one of the reasons I want her back.
  9. Ok, post edited, now only referenced with country name. I cant delete this post or move it, so I cant help you there. Moderators, please feel free to move the post to "Guest Suggestions" subforum. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone As the topic gives it away, I wish that Showmasters invites Ivy Doomkitty again to LFCC. Now I don't know what goes into deciding who to invite or any of the hard work that happens behind the scenes. I only speak as a fan of Ivy Doomkitty. I have asked Ivy (on Twitter) directly if she has been booked to a con in Europe and in her own words, she has not. Now as far as I know, she is free when LFCC 2015 happens, so she should be bookable for the con. I am talking to the people that decide who to invite to Showmasters events. These are the reasons why I think you should invite Ivy. As far as I know, lot of american cosplayers are being invited to competing cons in the UK. Yaya Han was just recently in the UK, unless I am mistaken, it was not her first time. Jessica Nigri is coming to a con in May and I know she has been to the UK before. Ani-Mia will be coming to UK in July, her first time. What I am trying to say, LFCC could be the event where you get to see Ivy Doomkitty. Please invite this awesome lady before someone books her. One of the reasons I bought my Gold Pass was because I want to meet Ivy once again. Please give us Ivy
  11. Any hints about when you can release information about Cosplay guests? Personally I hope to meet Ivy Doomkitty again and I know she wants to return to the United Kingdom. Please Showmasters, bring her back to us.
  12. If you are talking about the "So They Say You Shouldn't Cosplay" panel, that was Ivy Doomkitty, Stacey Rebecca and male cosplayer whose name I do not remember. @ivydoomkitty @staceyofgotham
  13. Your not alone, I have it on my calendar with several alerts to remind me.
  14. Like the topic says, you want to meet a Cosplayer, be it a professional model or just a fellow convention attendee doing a Cosplay of his/her favorite character. I met Ivy Doomkitty, Stacey Rebecca, Kelly Jean and Tabihta Lyons at LFCC 2014. All of them were wonderful and easily approachable. I found a video on Youtube, it is a short guide by a Cosplayer on how to approach cosplayers. The video is called "How to Approach Cosplayers with Sachie". Link below. Enjoy
  15. Since I plan Cosplay (for the first time), I have looked up stuff. Here is something some of you (not practical for every outfit) might find helpful. It is called EZcooldown vest http://ezcooldown.com/
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