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  1. Can somebody from SM help with an online auction issue?
  2. I still can’t get on any of the show masters pages on Facebook
  3. Anybody know why my Facebook app won’t let me see any of the posts during the auction, it crashed after Fred and George it doesn’t load any of the page apart from photos i had commented on one post at that point
  4. I can’t buy the Saturday pass? Anybody else having trouble ?
  5. To me it’s false hope id rather have not seen that statement
  6. I remember Showmasters tweeting “we don’t comment on potential guests”
  7. New photo op in the store Tom Ellis with Lucifer wings GO GO GO!
  8. Hey everyone, just wondering if anybody is doing anything on either the Friday or Saturday night, going to LFCC alone again and would be alright to meet some new friends who go to conventions regularly
  9. I thought they never commented on potential guests, surely if this doesn’t happen people will kick off?
  10. I would love it to be Jodie Whittaker Taron Eggerton Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Charlie Sheen
  11. Really, any suggestions on where to look/book
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