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  1. LFCC was my first ever crewing experience and can I just say a big thankyou to all attendees over the weekend... I know huge events like these can be very stressful but everyone I dealt with over Sat/Sun were wonderfully poliet and patient with me :-) I loved the experience and I hope to crew more events in the future and really hope to see more of you wonderful people again! xxx
  2. Really like the idea of staying at the hotel and going to the party but we will have our kids with us.... is the party for over 18s only??? Need to know before we book anything :-)
  3. troi127

    Room share

    Hiya, My whole family love the hunger games and as my kids have never had the pleasure of going to a proper 3 day weekend event we decided this was the one to start them with! Not got tickets yet (may have to wait until next month for enough cash!) but have booked a couple rooms in a nearby hotel (couldn't afford the rates of the con hotel as there are 5 of us and would need too many rooms). Anyway, the rooms we got are triples so that leaves a single bunk free in one of our rooms... though it might be a nice chance for someone attending alone to get cheap accomodation... male or female as the room could be shared with either me and my daughter or my hubby and older son. £45 for 3 nights (helps us cover some of the accomodation cost too!). Let me know if you might be interested :-) Danielle x
  4. I think the poll is a fab idea and the prices are understandable for big names but I haven't voted as I just can't afford prices like that no matter how much I would want to meet them (Orlando Bloom would of been my choice if I had that sort of money and my 7 year old Daughter would KILL me if I took her to an event with him there and didn't meet him...lol!!!). Sometimes it really sucks being poor...lol!!!
  5. OMG... just seen the new website!!!! I am sooooo torn over what con to go to next year now Well done sm!
  6. Took the family along today and had the most amazing time!!!! We met 6 guests and didn't have to queue for ANY of them (a big bonus with a 6 month old baby who gets bored easily!!!). Walked through the door at about 12 and went straight in to meet Danny John Jules. He was lovely as always. My Little girl has recently become a big fan of Red Dwarf and had been practicing the theme tune all week to sing to him. She was so star struck that she couldn't say a word so Danny sung it to her instead :0) Also met Chris Barrie & Norman Lovett, both friendly and happy to chat :0) Then we met Chaske Spencer & Kate Mulgrew who both seemed really warm and friendly. Last of all we met Tim Russ who was fab! He was really chatty and as the kids are big 'icarly' fans he gave them both a free signed icarly print!! How nice is that :0) All in all a great day had by all! Thank you Showmasters xxx
  7. I'm coming and am very excited :0) I haven't been since it changed venues so really looking forward to not fighting the shopping crowds this time :0) There are way too many guests I wanna meet but as funds are tight it will be hard to choose between them. A definate must see is Tim Russ tho as 2 of my kids are big icarly fans and are mega excited about meeting him :0) This will also be the first convention for out newest member of our family, Xander, who is only 6 months old.... gotta introduce him to the wonderful world of Showmasters :0) We're only going Sunday this time (would of loved to do the whole weekend!) and we're travelling from Swindon. Anybody is welcome to come say hi to me... I shouldn't be hard to miss as I'll be the stressed out Mum wrestling with a buggy and constantly yelling 'Angel, get back here' & 'Connor, put that down' to the other 2 kids running wild...lol!!!! See you all soon xxx
  8. Evening Peeps! Can't believe you'll all be off to Hallowhedon tomorrow.... so mega jealous that I had to get rid of my gold ticket :0( I really wish I was still going but I know the weekend would of been a nightmare for me being sooooo huge at the mo. On the bright side, little Xander is due in just 13 days time and we can't wait to finally meet him :0) Hope you all have a super fab time and I can't wait to see all ur photos when you get back :0)
  9. troi127

    giddy already?

    You can count me & my hubby in on this one!!!! I watched 5 hours straight last weekend on the internet (up to episode 7!) and just love it. I've booked accommodation for the weekend so just hoping the tickets don't sell out before we can afford them! We want to go for silver and are asking our family for cash at Christmas to get them. Fingers crossed that they don't sell out before coz theres no way we can afford it before that as we have a baby due in Nov and all our money at the mo is going on baby stuff :0)
  10. Oh poop I'm really glad I've had the chance to meet him before but its still a real shame he won't be there this weekend. Rimmer has always been my fav but it still looks like its going to be a great weekend See you all soon xxx
  11. I have a quick question for Jola regarding tickets.... My Hubby has a Silver ticket but I have Gold. He would now really like to have Gold instead so we can go to the drinks reception together. We were just wondering, if there are still Gold tickets available on the door, can he pay the extra and upgrade??? Cheers xxx
  12. I was kinda hoping you'd get him so me and the hubby are over the moon We were lucky enough to meet Norman at collectormania so although it would of been lovely to see him again, this more than makes up for his abcsence Thank you guys!!!!
  13. I'm mega gutted I can't make it to Collectormania this weekend... there were some guests I really wanted to meet.... but at least I've got next weekend to look forward too
  14. Hiya Peeps, I love all the name suggestions We have kind of settled with either Xander or Serenity now so just have to wait until July to find out which it will be. The bad news tho is that my scan confirmed that I'm a little futher along than I thought.... due on the 11th Nov. I decided that it would be too close for comfort to attened (I'm sooooo Gutted!!!!) so I am now going to the Better Than Life con in 2 weeks time instead. Thanks to the stand-in midwives for offering to help with a sudden delivery... It would of actually been really funky actually giving birth at an event like this Hope all you guys have a super fab time at the con and I'll let you know when little Xander or Serenity arrives xxx
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