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  1. Met Femi a few times and she is really nice. I hope she is doing a Jabba photoshoot.
  2. Been hoping to meet Eve for a while now so I'm very tempted to meet her here. Great guest announcement.
  3. Ian is a great guest. Met him a couple of times before at other events.
  4. WOW! Great guest announcement for Belfast! Will seriously be thinking about meeting her.
  5. It surely can't be Leanna Walsman though. She already did at least one event before (not a SM event hence why I'm not naming the event I know she attended).
  6. Very tempted by the Jabba shoot! And only £5 as well. Would be great if you could get some of the Jabba guests (like you had at Cardiff earlier in the year) along as well to take part in the shoot.
  7. That's a good point. Could very well be the stunt-doubles. Would make sense as most stunt-men only charge £10 from the ones I've met at least.
  8. It won't be. Tem Morrison does multiple conventions (including a few SM events in the past) so it's definitely someone who wasn't the main Jango actor which was Tem.
  9. I've heard it's because of an issue that some other people were contacting the lesser-known Star Wars guests right after Showmasters announced them in the past, if true it would make sense why they don't and I understand that. However, Zam Wessell's actress is not a first time signer as SM are saying. She did one of the SW events in the US when the Prequels first came out. She may be doing her first Showmasters event and first event in a while but she's definitely not a first time signer (unless it's not the actress I'm thinking of but another one but I doubt that). EDIT: It might well be a different actress after all. Just saw the Jango Fett announcement and if that was Tem Morrison it would be more than £10 for him. I'm curious to see who these two guests in question are.
  10. Great guest! Will consider meeting him. If not at Belfast then probably at LFCC next July.
  11. Great Star Wars guest. Met him earlier in the year but very tempted to get a Leia's Rebel Escort picture signed this time.
  12. Left. Very nice guest and glad to see he's doing an event. I know the actor's name but considering Showmasters didn't post it here I presume they don't want it said. Hopefully you'll bring him to Belfast.
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