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  1. I'm sorry the photo didn't come out as you expected. If this was Saturday or Sunday, I would have happily tried again for you if you had pointed it out. We are, after all, here to make sure you have the best possible experience!
  2. Hi all, Hope the Stranger Things set was enjoyable for you. If anyone wants to share their pics, I'd love to see how they all came out..... Oh, and if anyone managed to survive The Great Stranger Things Blobby Attack, post your proof here!!!
  3. My suggestion/request is for the Author section. I would love the opportunity to meet Dale Brown, author of over 20 technothrillers, based around the same protagonists. They are borderline sci-fi, with some of the aircraft mods he comes up with, and I would LOVE it if you could book him for LFCC!!!
  4. Hi All, This is a long shot, I know, but if you were one of the half-dozen or so people that got their picture with Elwood J. Blues on the Saturday, I would really appreciate it if you could either post them here, or send me a copy, as I didn't manage to get any pics of my own during the day. Many Thanks!!!!!
  5. Oh please tell me this wasn't in Photo F on Saturday???? If it was, 1) I am missing a significant chunk of memory, and 2) I'll die of embarrassment!!!!
  6. Thank you! We aim to please, and I think I speak for all of us when I say your feedback is appreciated!
  7. Is Stuart the name of the big blonde man? That's me :) Though I've never been blonde in my life - the light must have been very flattering as it's pure grey! Mr Dazzler - I think you'll find that Luke, Phil and I are handing over our photoshoot areas to Barry to run simultaneously next time In your dreams Stuart!!!!
  8. Sounds like you joined the cult of Luke. Was he making jokes and being generally funny plus has a beard. That would be Luke! :) Ummmmmm, didn't the Late Saturday Robert Shoot get moved to Photo F??? If so, that would have been me! :-p Regardless of who it was, we all really appreciate the positive feedback, it makes the aches worthwhile!
  9. Please, PLEASE tell me that you can lay hands on some Martial Law pictures for her to sign???? I LOVED that show!!!!
  10. Driven Tanith? Thou hast a Chauffeur? BTW, did you see the pic from the meerkat?
  11. I hate when the so-called professional private hire drivers give the rest of us a bad name..........
  12. Hi all, Just wanted to say a personal thank-you to all of the attendees, crew, guests and dealers inside CFCC when the clock tolled 11.00 on Sunday morning. I don't think that the arena has ever been so quiet with so many people inside it. You were an absolute credit to yourselves and to the fandom. Thank You!
  13. From Oxford both days?! Are you actually planning on sleeping?!?! That's a Hell of a commute!!!!
  14. Stupid question, but is Nina likely to be having a photo shoot, or is she auto only?
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