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  1. Thanks for the info, out of the 13 only 2 are on a diamond pass, the others range from £10 to £40
  2. Just wondering if I am likely to get the 17 autographs on Saturday I would like, ? 4 are diamond so ok with them, what is the average anyone has been able to get?
  3. In my photo op, I was just about to step into position when Peter capaldi came in and said " I want my photo with Richard" so I let him sit next to Richard first, Nice experience both Richard and peter were really friendly, great day.
  4. I would like to see Gillian Anderson as it is her last year doing these, Also David Tennant Michael j fox Emelia Clarke Any stranger things actors
  5. Thank you raylenth She is 12 so will need a vq ticket, ? Do both numbers have to been called or does the diamond number take priority? Cheers
  6. I have a diamond pass, for David, will I be able to buy another autograph at the same time ? Can my daughter queue with me? Also I got Saturday pass but could I have the photo on Saturday and get autograph on Sunday? Sorry if this has been asked it can't find the answers, Thank you
  7. with a diamond pass for christopher lloyd on saturday, do i go to the lloyd and tombstone shoot at 15.15 or the paid diamond bttf shoot at 14.05? please advise not sure thanks for your help
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find it anywhere, with a diamond pass, for Christopher Lloyd or John cleese can my wife go to the photos while I go for the autographs? As I have mistakenly booked a separate photo shoot! Thank you
  9. Am I right in saying that I don't have a chance of getting autographs from c.lloyd and j.cleese without a diamond pass? Also I have a photo with c.lloyd with Delorean, can this be part exchanged if I buy a diamond pass? Thank you for your help This is my first sm con
  10. If I bought diamond pass for cl would I be able to get autograph on Friday or Saturday as I'm not there Sunday?
  11. Just wanted to see if anyone knows if John cleese and Christopher Lloyd are having photos/selfies at their tables. What are the chances of getting autograph with Christopher? Thanks for any help
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