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  1. Can’t help but may prompt some other people they also sell clothing made out of vintage curtains and also videos that I think have been turned into clocks
  2. In view of his unfortunate late arrival today is there a chance more photo shoots will be added for him tomorrow as I see he’s sold out thanks
  3. So a number of announcements today. Who technically was the “big announcement”. Don’t particularly see one as standing out amongst the rest. thanks
  4. She signed my friends playboy but they said no topless photos inside which is fine as the mag is stuck together (joke, last part)
  5. Doesn't the gold pass mean you can join any queue without a virtual ticket
  6. Do we know what day the talk will be? doesnt it usually say?
  7. Anyone get a photo with him or of him as I would like to show a photo of him to the mrs thanks
  8. Great announcement Not sure if the diamond pass adds up to a good price considering the sum of the parts
  9. Hi I notice te Michael j fox talk on the Saturday is only 25 mins. Is that correct? Thank
  10. doesn't quite help the issue, but I like the idea that like with SDCC, during the con repeat customers can buy tickets for next years event. I worry that one day I will be unable to get a ticket even though this is my 8th year. thanks
  11. does the old way not workanymore, where u log in and buy tickets? the one I see via event brite is a non log in version anyone have a link to the store?
  12. doh, don't know whats happened, I click on lfcc on the left and nothing shows under it
  13. is the lfcc store not working or is it just me? all the other events work. just want to check its not just me thanks
  14. yep, there are a lot of posts. i did see that about gold pass upgrades, but i am on about a normal ticket upgrade.
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