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  1. I usually scan all my autographs and photos, then put the originals away in a safe place, so not to get them damaged and put the copies on the wall in my little den. I usually get nice comments from people when they see them.
  2. When will the digital photos from the photoshoots be available to download?
  3. Enjoyed having a photo with William Shatner and John Barrowman. Also met Jenna Coleman, Nicola Bryant ( she was lovely) and Walter Koenig (who was quiet).
  4. My daughter was over the moon to meet him. It was a bit touch and go whether she would get her autograph, she was diamond pass batch 9. But too her relief she did. She is so happy and pleased that she has met her dream person.
  5. What time do people start to queue at the entrance in the morning
  6. How could I forget Nicola Bryant. I will definately see her.
  7. My daughter is very excited about meeting him. She loves the Vampire diaries. I am looking forward to having a photo with William Shatner. I am mainly a whoovian who happens to like Star Trek and The Next Generation also. I would have loved to come on Friday with all the Who guests. But Ian Somerhalder isn't there on Friday. It is a treat and priority for my daughter who has finished her exams and left school. I had a photoshoot booked with Sylvester McCoy on Sunday, but then he cancelled. (that's the 2nd time he's done that to me on a comic con lol). I have met Peter Davison, Colin Baker (nice man) and Paul McGann before. My main focus for the near future is to try and meet Tom Baker and then onto the new series Doctors. Hopefully I can catch Bernard Cribbins, Alex Kingston and John Barrowman when I am there on Sunday.
  8. Thank you for your replies. So she could tag along to his afternoon shoot if we were not able to make his morning shoot. We are planning to get to the event at 7.30 am ready for 9.00 am openning anyway, but just putting out a senario.
  9. I have a Diamond pass ticket which I downloaded for my daughter for Sunday. If I come along to the Foyer at Olympia Way on Saturday afternoon, I can swap the ticket the for Diamond pass then, can I? Ian Somerhalder has a photoshoot at 9.30 am. It says on the schedule for that time the order of Diamond - Gold - batches 1,2 ans 3. Does that mean that you deal with all the Diamond pass Batches first from 1 to 9 and then deal with Gold and then the people that just wanted photos (without the Diamond and Gold passes) from batch 1,2 and 3. My daughter is batch 9 on the diamond pass ticket that was downloaded.
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