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  1. With what’s happening in our world I am amazed Showmasters are still allowing sales of knives at the event. Just wanted to feed it back. Overall I think Showmasters do a pretty good job and I love these events, but this is one thing I am really not sure about.
  2. I’m getting notifications but in the notifications section of the app to read them in full there are none. IOS version.
  3. My office is opposite so I will try to connect the the work WiFi
  4. Love it, making your own schedule is a super simple idea but much better than having to sit with a printout and a highlighter! Well done Showmasters
  5. That was my first thought, but would prefer not to lose out on the entry tickets. Problem now is if I buy a Saturday one and they move the one I have I end up with two non refundable DPs so I guess I have to wait for a reply or be prepared to lose my money.
  6. I have emailed to see if I can swap days on my diamond pass and tickets, very frustrating if I can’t as Quinto is the only reason we are going
  7. To mark the 20th anniversary of The Fifth Element can we have a good showing from this much loved movie?
  8. Here here I really enjoyed meeting Walter, what a true gent. Super guest.
  9. Overall I had a great time, got every auto and photo I wanted apart from I wasn't able to find Adam for a cheeky selfie. But a little constructive feedback for next year; It seemed to me that priority passes were over sold for Commanders, on Saturday there were so many that normal auto VQ holders only had a chance if they got ticket 1-60 or so. I heard so many people complaining about not getting to the front of queues, but that's what happens when everybody is a priority! Normal basic entry people had a much better chance of getting what they wanted on Friday. I understand Showmasters wanting to milk thee events for all they can but seriously, you just frustrate both your high and low price ticket purchasers and this damages your brand need to make these events a great experience if they are to be sustainable and I heard a lot of people saying "never again" Secondly the photo shoot queues overall were understaffed and poorly managed. In previous events I have seen tall poles with signs on top with the celeb names so people knew who the queue was for, and then lines for each batch number. That worked so well, but over the past couple of days it seemed that nobody knew what each queue was for and I saw loads of people queue for ages only to be told they are in the wrong place. Most of us only found out what was happening from each other. So next time please go back to the old way of managing things, put clear signs up where queues for so we all know what each queue is for an go back to giving people areas to wait in for their batch number. The staff were mostly lovely, a couple were grumpy but they were trying to help, they were just swamped. If these things can be ironed out as they have been previously at other big Showmasters events then next DSTE could be a brilliant event.
  10. We got there at 7.15am today and got Wil's auto by 9.30am as we were amongst the first few dozen people in and got VQ number 6. George spent pretty much the whole afternoon today in prop shoots and his talk leaving a massive queue for his auto by late afternoon. Luckily we got him yesterday pretty easily. So my advice is get there super early and go straight to get your VQ as they are spending a lot of the day away from the auto tables.
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