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  1. 29,500 on Friday and 29,300 today... 28.3 miles. I know your pain
  2. I've had nightmares, this was a pleasant dream ☺
  3. This was my 10 years with SM. Started crewing at LFCC 2007. Our family just keeps on growing!
  4. The tombstone also says..."Shot in the back by Buford Tannen over a matter of $80". Someone commented it was morbid to have Chris Lloyd having a photo taken of him smiling at this whilst for Tom it makes sense. All a matter of perspective ☺
  5. You and me both! First time in 3 years I think
  6. The assumption there is that the staff were told this. We were informed there was a strict no touching rule in place and that was the message we passed on as politely as possible. There was disappointment from staff and attendees alike on this front, however, Famke clearly didn't want to disappoint, so she agreed a solution that meant people still got a photo with her. Now we know the why, it doesn't really change anything except, hopefully, providing a rationale for, what seemed at the time, a strong, but not uncommon, restriction.
  7. Thanks PenThePirate. Definitely felt weird not being in photos and not being the queue person, but I knew Stuart would handle it! See you at the next show. Luke
  8. I really can't do it without the other crew doing what they do, and thank you. Glad you had a great time at this one.
  9. sidjames, what day did you attend? As the crew rotate jobs, knowing which day means we can make sure the comments get to the correct crew. Thanks. Luke
  10. I get "you look like Seth Rogan". Glad you got in!
  11. I'm deputy fire warden, and this is do true. We had a fire alarm go off once at a previous show. The stall owners were reluctant to leave their livelihoods and even one guest refused to move. In the event of an actual fire, people will move eventually, but not without making sure. First rule of fire marshaling is don't be a hero, get the hell out with everyone else.
  12. All the crew who aren't me deserve the awesome!
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