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  1. Thanks for that Raylenth. Hopefully she will come back at a later date as guests from the first Friday The 13th film will always be popular. :-)
  2. Could I request that Jeannine Taylor be considered for the Summer event as well please? I'm gutted that I won't be able to attend the Spring event due to no trains running to or from Kings Cross over that weekend. The alternative for me would be 3 trains bypassing Kings Cross plus tube travel making it a near 5 hour journey one way if everything were to run smoothly. Travel by coach takes just as long. In the past I have been able to get a direct train to Kings Cross taking around 2 hours. Sadly I am not the only person in this position and I know several die hard con veterans who will n
  3. Hi Could I request Paul Nicholas please? He has had a long and distinguished career on stage and screen with film and TV credits including Tommy, Lisztomania, Stardust, Just Good Friends and EastEnders to name but a few. I think he would be a very popular guest because of the diversity of his roles. I recently saw him on stage in Manchester playing Father Merrin in a stage production of The Exorcist and would love the opportunity to meet him. Cheers :-)
  4. Hi Will a photoshoot schedule be posted soon please? The only reason I ask is that I will have limited time at the Film Fair due to train times. I won't be able to get to the venue until 11am at the earliest and I have to be on the 4.00pm train back home. I would like to get a photo with Phil Daniels but am holding off buying a photoshoot ticket until I know what time it will be. Thanks Rob
  5. Judging from an earlier reply I was under the impression that anyone wishing to transfer a Batch 1 photoshoot ticket from Friday would be granted a Batch 1 ticket for Saturday. When I sent my email to request a transfer I asked if I would receive a Batch 1 ticket for Saturday but was told that the best you could do was Batch 5 for Saturday which I felt I had to accept. Can you clear up any misunderstanding about this please? Thanks
  6. Is there a map of the venue layout for tomorrow? Sorry if I've missed it elsewhere. Thanks :)
  7. Hi I would like to request that you add some of the cast and crew to one of your events this year if possible please? It was a little frustrating for quite a few of us who attended another event recently when we were not able to get a photo or autograph with any of the cast in attendance, although to be fair it was not advertised as that kind of event. But to my mind it was a bit of a missed opportunity for the organisers, who could have organised a group photo session and I (and others) would have happily paid extra for that. Here's hoping anyway! :-) Rob ***edited by mode
  8. I would also like to see Len Jones appear at one of the conventions. He was in quite a few films in the 60's and 70's, most notably (for me) he played Sally Thomsett's brother in 'Straw Dogs'. I have an original poster for this movie which has been signed by 4 cast members and it would be nice to add his autograph to it. I would also like to see Ken Hutchison appear too who played 'Scutt' in the film, another great actor who I think would be popular at one of these events.
  9. Hi I just went on the photo gallery to buy and download a copy of the photo I had taken with Tom Savini at LFCC from Sat 18 July 2015 and there is no 'Add To Cart' option, only 'Lightbox'. Does this mean I can't order a download of my photo? Thanks Rob
  10. Hi I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation to all the staff involved in organising the Sheffield event. I attended on the Saturday and the staff were very helpful and knowlegable with any questions that I had. It wasn't overcrowded and this was largely due I think to the ticket cap and '1 in - 1 out' policy. It worked very well and made for a very enjoyable day for me and my friend. I even managed to browse round the seller stalls quite comfortably as well as meeting the guests. Well done everyone involved and I look forward to next year. :) Rob
  11. I enjoyed the event today. I travelled from the Wakefield area so had quite a long journey but with the exception of Bob Wall all the stars who I wanted to see were in attendance. I had quite a long conversation with Del Henney about 'Straw Dogs' and his TV show 'Fallen Hero' from the 1970's. He was a very nice man and because there were not so many people in attendance early in the day it was comfortable and I didn't feel pressurised to cut my time short with the guests, unlike the London ComicCon event earlier in the year! I hope the number of people increased as the day wore on though t
  12. Great to see Del Henney announced as a guest. I look forward to meeting him. It would be great if Ken Hutchison could be persuaded to appear. He played Norman Scutt in 'Straw Dogs' but sadly gave up acting many years ago. He was a familiar face on TV in the 1970's and always played his characters with an edge and individuality that made him such a fine actor. Another notable actor from 'Straw Dogs' was Jim Norton who played 'Cawsey' the rat catcher. He later went on to play Father Brannan in 'Father Ted'. Thanks Rob
  13. Thanks so much for posting the George Romero pics Donald. Much appreciated :)
  14. Hi Did anyone take any pictures of George Romero at his signing table on Saturday? I know he wasn't doing any posed photo's but if anyone has any of him on his own at the table it would be great to see them. I had some original film posters that he signed for me and it was the highlight of my day to meet him :) Thanks Rob
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