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  1. Same here. It's really bad I have to say. Four and a half weeks and no acknowledgement to my email whatsoever. Queen, can you even confirm they have this? Should I send it again?
  2. That's it, Luke! Thanks to Luke, he's a standout crew member. Thanks for that Samphirette.
  3. ... to LFCC. I have to say that my experience of LFCC was extremely stressful and did not go according to plan in the slightest. It was meant to be a one off - I don't attend conventions as a regular thing so I hadn't banked on booking a ticket for Sheffield. What drove me to do so was the fact that I could finally have my book signed by Robert Englund, having missed out on this due to Diamond pass issues at LFCC. And also Amanda Wyss was going so that was also a big plus for me. I did worry beforehand, as London loomed in my mind, but this was totally needless I'm pleased to say. Yesterday (Sun) really has changed my opinion and I think that it was a mistake to make LFCC my first. After my two hour journey I managed to arrive in time for my early bird opening and was able to scout some things out. I managed to queue and finally get my booked signed, which was amazing. Obviously it was a heck of a lot smaller than London but it was enjoyable to walk round and view all the stalls and the organisation was amazing. Hats off to the staff. I didn't have a great opinion of SM after LFCC but I couldn't fault it on Sunday at Sheffield. Special mention to the usual guy at the Robert Englund photo shoot (can't remember his name - it was mentioned on the LFCC forum). He is brilliant. Almost a near mix-up with my photo shoot with Amanda as this happened at virtually the same time as a Robert Englund one (didn't attend this) and I joined a queue for him when it was an open door for Amanda. This worked to my advantage however though as walking in for her shoot, there was no one else there and she was dancing around to some music, of which she grabbed me to dance and we had a little spontaneous boogie before our pic. She was so amazing and friendly that I immediately bought an autograph after this and went to chat to her. She is quite possibly one of the nicest people I've ever met. Such a delight to meet her. On cloud nine, I virtually floated to my car to leave. The venue was fab, the ease of parking and queuing, absolutely great, the staff were well organised and all in all it was just an amazing day. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153022440937314&set=a.10152073255897314.1073741828.595112313&type=3&theater
  4. Oh I see, so I can head straight for the table then, cheers Stuart.
  5. So do you go to the sales desk first to pay for autos then or do you buy it from the signing desk???? :-/
  6. Thanks @Queen_Sindel - my email address is the same one as I have registered with SM.
  7. Which I can appreciate, however, any other company would respond sooner, or at least acknowledge that they had received your complaint and were dealing with it. I can understand that they have many emails to get to but maybe more help is needed with the admin side and not just with the crewing.
  8. Well it's a complaint in general so I did want a full response from SM as about 80% of my day at LFCC was rubbish. I just didn't expect to wait this long for a response, particularly when I was told to email Mara and I addressed the email for her attention.
  9. Thanks. I'll give it up to another week but I would have expected a reply by then.
  10. I've been waiting for a reply for just over two weeks now and still nothing - any ideas????
  11. Re: the touching/pushing comments on here, I have to commend the staff at Photo shoot A for Robert Englund in make-up on Sunday. They made that shoot run like absolute clockwork. I still can't believe how they got through that many people in the time they had but it was like a production line and the woman instructing us to go forward for our picture with Robert was commanding and firm but got the job done. There's no need to be hands-on if you can instruct people professionally.
  12. All I'm seeing is that Diamond passes are given priority and special treatment. My experience of this was VERY different. I did think that getting a Diamond pass would be something special but my experience in full was pretty dreadful. I hope very much that the long email I sent regarding this on Monday will be responded to pretty soon as well. I also don't agree with your entry times feedback for Sunday Jason - this is incorrect according to the time I accessed the building, and missing the talk I paid for!
  13. I've put my complaint in an email but I'm too tired to even bore everyone with the many paragraphs on here. Needless to say, my Diamond pass experience was woeful. I thought I was getting something special but it was memorable in completely the wrong way.
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