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  1. Got 2 autographs and a photo with him in Germany, he was much more expensive there! I regret my life.
  2. I thought Koenig was gonna stop doing conventions? Nevertheless, nice guest.
  3. The whole soundtrack for that movie is brilliant, loved all those industrial, new wave, synthpop, ... tracks! Reminded me of Drive. Exactly what I thought! I picked up Kavinsky's album 'OutRun' on the basis of 'Nightcall' from the superb Drive soundtrack, worth getting to if you can track it down. Haven't been able to track down The Guest soundtrack yet but managed to source all the music from the film from YouTube I know Mondo produced a pretty cool Vinyl Record of the soundtrack but it's sold out by now. You might find them on Ebay, although probably for double the original price or something http://mondotees.com/products/the-guest-original-score-lp?variant=1268366935
  4. The whole soundtrack for that movie is brilliant, loved all those industrial, new wave, synthpop, ... tracks! Reminded me of Drive.
  5. I missed Robert Englund cause I never got a low enough VQ ticket. I also missed James Remar cause not enough time. Christopher Lloyd is coming to Ghent, Belgium in september so I'll catch up to him there
  6. I got Paxton on Froday while there was an open queue and Weaver last minute on Sunday, no chance getting Lloyd withouth diamond pass tho
  7. That's the main reason why I don't like talks with interviewers asking most of the questions. Big guests with big queues at the desks mean you have little to no time to ask questions....the talks are the only real chance you get. THIS is what the talks should be for. NOT interviews. I actually like the guided nature of those with a moderator/interviewer, whatever you want to call it. Tend to be more interesting and stops a lot of the stupid questions that some people like to ask such as "what's your favourite cheese" which seemed to be popular a while back. With limited time I want to hear the person talk about their career and projects. Just my opinion. I think it is good that the talks are guided, however I think there should be a better split between the presenter and the audience so that it doesn't feel like a generic interview you could catch on TV or info that could be gleaned from watching the extras section of a DVD. More time should have been given for audience questions, and this I think would make for a more interesting talk, a greater range of potential topics, and more happy memories for fans fortunate enough to get to ask a question. I also like the guided talks really cause most of the times the host has prepared some good questions while many of the questions the audience asks are those you've heard 100 times before. How was it working with X?, What is the favorite movie you've been in?, Can you please say "..."?, What other role would you have liked to play?, ... Some people should really try to be more creative if they're having the opportunity to actually ask a question, but that's just my opinion ofcourse.
  8. By now we all know Luke has become so popular he's prolly gonna get his own signing table next year. But there were also some other amazing crew members I'd like to thank but wasn't able to catch their names. There was this big guy who managed a couple of photoshoots, I know he did the shoot for Sylvester Mccoy on 3th and the one for Steve Cardenas in Costume on 1st. And he had a Fila watch on his wrist! Anyone knows his name? He also deserves a lot of credit in my opinion. He handled things smoothly and with lots of enthusiasm and humour. And then there was also that Godlike voice of his which made him maybe the most audible crew member at the con. Thanks for the great job you did, you made the misery of queuing a lot more bearable!
  9. As way of saying Thank You SM maybe could give you a megaphone next time
  10. Just read your review (which is awesome) and tried to apply your categories to the guests I've met! This is harder than it looks btw Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton and Christopher Lloyd were obviously big guests. They still were polite and all that but there's not much else to say about them. Although I made Chris and Bill both laugh quite hard at their photoshoots so that's always nice. I like to believe that's why Bill has such a big smile on our photo but that might just be a figment of my brain. Although Sigourney was very busy she still made eye contact, seemed to be a very sweet lady and was genuinely grateful when my mom told her she looked beautiful. I also thought it was pretty funny that she wrote "Ripley" underneath her autograph, as if we'd ever forget I also did the Michael J Fox Delorean shoot which was pure madness, busiest and fastest photoshoot I've ever seen. Everybody got pushed through there like cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse. People weren't even allowed to kneel down next to Michael but everybody still did it anyways cause you're obviously not gonna stand next to the car with Mike sitting at your knees or something. For obvious reasons Mike didn't give handshakes which was totally fine by me. He also didn't say much except for an occasional 'Hi'. Still, when I walked up to him I looked him in his eyes and said "This is crazy!" to which he replied "Yeah tell me about it". My mom is still jealous about the fact that I got more words out of him than most people! Other big guests which had no time to talk were Jason David Frank and Hayley Atwell. Richard Dean Anderson I also consider a big guest cause his queues were always massive. They also seemed to move slower than a snail crawling backwards! The reason for this was that RDA was a goddamn Conversationalist, who would have thought? I shouldn't swear though cause he was amazing to meet. Truly a sweet and funny guy who cracked a couple of jokes like him being on a diet (after my mom gave him some chocolates) and being able to sign even a paperclip (cause obviously). I walked up to some guests when nobody was queuing for them, that's always a perfect moment to have a conversation. The longest conversation I had was with Clifton Collins Jr. I even had two with him, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, which were both pretty long. I'd estimate I've been talking a full 15-20 minutes with him in total. We talked about his role in Capote, about Philip Seymour Hoffman, about working in the movie business, how the convention was for him, how he could talk to any of the guests if he wanted to (cause that's how bad ass he is), how if you want something you gotta get it done yourself, ... he was truly a super cool guy and when I asked him if I could get a picture he replied with a solid "spam yeah you can!" Probably one of my favorite guests of the weekend. I also walked up to William Forsythe when there was no queue. Told him I couldn't choose what I'd like to get signed cause there were a couple of things I like him in. We then started talking about Once Upon A Time in America, about how it was such an Iconic movie and so forth. Forsythe was proud to be in it and told me it was nice for an actor to have such an all-time classic on his resume. I told him I had the restored version on Blu-Ray but that I didn't bring it. We talked about how much he liked that restored version and that he recently saw it in a theatre. So then I promised him I would be back the day after for him to sign my blu-ray. He said he'd be waiting for me and was happy to take a picture with me before we parted our ways. The next day I went searching for him saying to him "I told you I'd be back" and he still recognized me, which is always nice. So I gave him my Blu-ray which is a steelbook with golden finishing and all that. It honest to god looks amazing which is also the first thing William said to me when he was holding it. After another short talk and the signature we both thanked each other and he said it was nice meeting me. Definitely an amazing encounter with this nice man! Other conversationalists were Leif Tilden and Michelan Sisti from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We had a nice chat about me growing up watching them and how superior their movies are compared to the Michael Bay monstrosity and all that. There was a bit of a problem with my TMNT steelbook being too glossy so the sharpie seemed to disappear after a first signing but Leif took his time and went over it a second time until it stayed. He also wrote Cowabunga Dude which almost made me explode from excitement! Strangely when Michelan signed it it stayed on it from the first time. Sadly, he used a black Sharpie on a pretty black area on the cover so it's still hard to see his signature. They both were happy to take pictures and Michelan even told me to come stand behind his desk so we could pose in front of his characters poster. Super awesome guys to meet! Then there was Sean Gunn which I also considered a conversationalist. My sister bought a Rocket Raccoon doll at the con but had no idea Gunn played him in Guardians. So when we were standing in front of his table I was explaining that to her while she had Rocket in her hands and she got super excited about it. Sean had no queue and I could see that he was watching us having that conversation. Funny thing is we're from Belgium so we were talking Flemish to each other so Sean probably must have thought 'what the hell are they babbling about. After my sister was done freaking out we went up to Sean and he was a super nice guy. Him and my sister were trying to decide where on the box he should put his autograph. He was afraid to put it on the front cause then he would have to write through the name "Rocket Raccoon" and the brand name. My sister told him that was OK and he should sign on the front so people could see his auto clearly, maybe it was just me but he seemed pretty flattered by this. Then Sean and myself talked about Guardians a bit and I told him it would be cool if he could bring his brother with him some time. So then the conversation switched to Guardians 2 and how James was really busy with it and they start shooting somewhere next year and all that. He was more then happy to take pictures with both my sister and me, real nice guy! Alice Krige was also wonderful to meet. My mom is a Trekkie so we asked her to sign a First Contact poster. She seemed amazed about how good it was still looking and said she hadn't seen it in quite a while. She also thought it was nice that Gates McFadden's signature was already on it. My mom told her that she was the Trekkie but that I was the one collection movie posters cause I'm currently studying Film Studies. Alice was genuinely interested and recommended me that I'd watch "Institute Benjamenta" in which she has the lead. She explained to me why it would be an interesting movie for film students to see because it's so poetic and beautifully made. She was amazingly kind and was happy to take a picture with my mom, she even stood up from her desk to take it. Responders to me were Kenny Baker, Dave Prowse, Ray Park, Carrie Henn, Kevin Eastman, Frances Lee Mccain, Zach Galligan and Gregg Henry. They all were polite and friendly and up for short conversations. I missed my Kenny Baker shoot due to time delays and a clash but the lady sitting next to him would not allow me to take a picture with him. Nevertheless when Kenny saw my sister taking pictures of him signing with me standing at his desk he told me to lean in a bit closer and smiled for a picture. Dave Prowse still seems really proud of being Darth Vader and thanked me when I said how iconic his character and the movies were. He also agreed with me that the prequels were pretty lame and that Lucas shouldn't have tampered with the originals, which was kinda funny. Ray Park was enthusiastic and humble at the same time. He laughed when I confessed that he was my second favorite villain as a child cause nobody could top Darth Vader and he totally agreed with me. I did make it up to him by saying I had a Darth Vader costume and lightsaber when I was a kid which he thought was awesome. Was happy to take pictures. With Carrie Henn I talked a little about why she wasn't in any other movie after Aliens. She always wanted to become a teacher so pursued that dream instead. I told her that if her first movie also was gonna be her last she made a damn good choice with Aliens to which she started laughing and obviously agreed. She explained how it was an amazing experience and she was happy fans still appreciated her after all these years. Then she made me jealous by adding she ended up having some pretty cool friends cause of the movie. With Kevin Eastman I was doubting for days what I'd like to get signed of him so that was the first thing I told him. I told him I grew up loving the cartoons and the original movies but that he might prefer if I got a comic signed. I had my TMNT Blu-Ray in my hands and he said he had no problem signing that cause he also loved that movie. I agreed with him and said the Michael Bay one sucked to which yeah replied "yeaaaah ... well ... it had some good moments right?" I on my turn told him I think the new Turtles look just awful and asked him if he had any say in it. He said he didn't own the rights anymore so that he could say whatever he want about it but that the filmmakers wouldn't pay attention to him anyways. I said I thought that was disrespectful and those filmmakers should at least respect the opinion of the original creator. He seemed to appreciate that so he let me take a picture with him while he actually wasn't allowed to do that. Nice guy and I'm glad to have met him, next time I'm gonna get a comic signed tho! Steve Cardenas and John Ratzenberger were the only people I'd consider grouchos. Ratzenberger seemed pretty bored and wasn't really showing any interest. I gave him a ceramic Hamm money bank and he asked me what it was. This was kinda weird cause it was pretty clear it was a money bank. Coincidentally I saw him again at the Inside Out premiere at the Odeon. When he was walking out the back his assistent was pushing him to his car cause he had to get back to the con. I asked him if he could quickly sign my Monsters Inc dvd to which he replied "Quickly? Don't you have much time?" to which I said "No it's you who doesn't have much time apparently. "Oh thanks for reminding me" was his answer. So it's not like John was unfriendly but he just seems to be a grumpy man in general. Lastly there's Steve Cardenas, the only guest I was disappointed in meeting. He also seemed totally uninterested in the con. When I went to him to get my MMPR movie signed he asked me if I wanted to buy some sort of red bandana for an additional 15 pounds. Since I'm a student and I really needed to go easy on the money I spent I politely said no. This didn't quite seem to please him so obviously he wasn't getting any more interested in me. On top of that his autograph just sucks, he wrote it really small but with a thick silver marker which seemed to be running out of ink. So now it's just some weird little curls which are totally unreadable. Then there was his photoshoot in costume. Steve is obviously best known for his role as the Red Ranger and that's the character most people attending the con grew up watching him play. On his own instagram his name is "Steve_Red_Ranger" and he has a profile pic of him in the Red Ranger suit for crying out loud. So why the hell is he wearing his blue PR Zeo suit during his photo shoot then? Am I the only one who was disappointed in that? Anyways, it made up for a pretty funny photo though cause I posed with a confused 'head scratch' on it. As far as the guests go LFCC 2015 was an amazing experience for me! As far as the organisation of it goes, that's a whole different story ...
  11. I've also had the Bing from Monty Python's machine that goes Bing
  12. I can't seem to be able to customize my whatsapp tone on iphone, or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Robert Englund and Rose Leslie cause I didn't get their auto. Richard Dean Anderson just because he was an amazing guy and I kinda regret not doing a shoot with him!
  14. When I was at the Con waiting for the elevator someone in the queue got a call and his ringtone was the Metal Gear Solid Codec sound. I honestly thought that was brilliant so now I'm probably gonna steal his idea! Would be a nice addition to the Gameboy startup sound which I use for text messages. Who else has got some great ringtones on his phone?
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