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  1. Got 2 autographs and a photo with him in Germany, he was much more expensive there! I regret my life.
  2. I thought Koenig was gonna stop doing conventions? Nevertheless, nice guest.
  3. The whole soundtrack for that movie is brilliant, loved all those industrial, new wave, synthpop, ... tracks! Reminded me of Drive. Exactly what I thought! I picked up Kavinsky's album 'OutRun' on the basis of 'Nightcall' from the superb Drive soundtrack, worth getting to if you can track it down. Haven't been able to track down The Guest soundtrack yet but managed to source all the music from the film from YouTube I know Mondo produced a pretty cool Vinyl Record of the soundtrack but it's sold out by now. You might find them on Ebay, although probably for double the origina
  4. The whole soundtrack for that movie is brilliant, loved all those industrial, new wave, synthpop, ... tracks! Reminded me of Drive.
  5. I missed Robert Englund cause I never got a low enough VQ ticket. I also missed James Remar cause not enough time. Christopher Lloyd is coming to Ghent, Belgium in september so I'll catch up to him there
  6. I got Paxton on Froday while there was an open queue and Weaver last minute on Sunday, no chance getting Lloyd withouth diamond pass tho
  7. That's the main reason why I don't like talks with interviewers asking most of the questions. Big guests with big queues at the desks mean you have little to no time to ask questions....the talks are the only real chance you get. THIS is what the talks should be for. NOT interviews. I actually like the guided nature of those with a moderator/interviewer, whatever you want to call it. Tend to be more interesting and stops a lot of the stupid questions that some people like to ask such as "what's your favourite cheese" which seemed to be popular a while back. With limited time I want to hea
  8. By now we all know Luke has become so popular he's prolly gonna get his own signing table next year. But there were also some other amazing crew members I'd like to thank but wasn't able to catch their names. There was this big guy who managed a couple of photoshoots, I know he did the shoot for Sylvester Mccoy on 3th and the one for Steve Cardenas in Costume on 1st. And he had a Fila watch on his wrist! Anyone knows his name? He also deserves a lot of credit in my opinion. He handled things smoothly and with lots of enthusiasm and humour. And then there was also that Godlike voice of
  9. As way of saying Thank You SM maybe could give you a megaphone next time
  10. Just read your review (which is awesome) and tried to apply your categories to the guests I've met! This is harder than it looks btw Sigourney Weaver, Bill Paxton and Christopher Lloyd were obviously big guests. They still were polite and all that but there's not much else to say about them. Although I made Chris and Bill both laugh quite hard at their photoshoots so that's always nice. I like to believe that's why Bill has such a big smile on our photo but that might just be a figment of my brain. Although Sigourney was very busy she still made eye contact, seemed to be a very sweet lady an
  11. I've also had the Bing from Monty Python's machine that goes Bing
  12. I can't seem to be able to customize my whatsapp tone on iphone, or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Robert Englund and Rose Leslie cause I didn't get their auto. Richard Dean Anderson just because he was an amazing guy and I kinda regret not doing a shoot with him!
  14. When I was at the Con waiting for the elevator someone in the queue got a call and his ringtone was the Metal Gear Solid Codec sound. I honestly thought that was brilliant so now I'm probably gonna steal his idea! Would be a nice addition to the Gameboy startup sound which I use for text messages. Who else has got some great ringtones on his phone?
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