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  1. Its hard to understand why you move the Winter London Con to Brighton. For me its not possible to go to Brighton. The flight to london already takes 2 hours. For the last con in london a few months back I arrived on friday, went right afterwards to olympia and got in line for the con and I left on sunday at 6pm. On the airport I saw everywhere guys coming from the convention on their way home. And Im 100% sure you will lose most of the guests from outside of the UK with this step. But maybe thats the plan, maybe this shouldnt be a convention for everyone. And I guess for showmaster its cheaper to do the show there. Very disappointed.
  2. To be honest, I'd rather have one like the left hand one, a bit closer so I can see faces better. Just my personal view though, and we're equally entitled to them, neither's right or wrong! yeah but dont forget, if you get the digital pic afterwards you can zoom in and you still got a very good quality, but if you get that pic that close you cant zoom out anymore. I just think if you wanna put your pic on the wall or on your desk it just looks better. To be honest guys at the convention asked me how they can get a pic like I did, but it was hard to ask all the time the photographer.
  3. Diamond Pass Guests: Whoopi Goldberg Goldie Hawn Bette Midler Diane Keaton Jerry Stiller Kevin James Sylvester Stallone Jean-Claude Van Damme Bill Murray Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Harrison Ford
  4. I said it before and I say it again. Im not happy with the photo ops here at the London Con. I went to many many conventions and usually the photos are not that close like here and I dont understand why. Someone here told me no problem just tell the photographer to take it like you want but everyone who was at the convention knows, thats not how its working. I tried but it was so busy and actually some photographers did like I said but not everyone. Im very unhappy with a few pictures. For example if you wanna get it signed afterwards or whatever, its always nicer if its not that close. I compare here now a pic from london and a pic from another convention somewhere else. Am I the only one who is not happy with that? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1463506937301902&l=5d4b8694d6
  5. Sorry but I just dont know how to post my pictures here. How can I upload the pics to my Quote?
  6. I would never sell my MJF autograph but I think everyone how is paying can do whatever he wants with his autograph. I cant see the point of this topic. By the way I bought one autograph of thomas f. wilson (biff in BTTF) a few years ago because he is not at conventions and not signing BTTF stuff anymore, Am I a bad guy because I bought it? Im even glad the guy sold it because he didnt want it anymore.
  7. your feedback was hidden, this is really a shame. thats the wrong way. of course they wanna make money and Im pretty sure they did but if you have a lot of complaints about something and they are not gonna change it and listen to the customer, they of course gonna make less money next year and I hope they know.
  8. criticism is so important. the only reason why we criticism the convention this year so much is because we wanna come back next year and we only can do that if SM makes chances. thats why its important. we want the LFCC but they just have to listen to the customers. otherwise less and less people will visit the convention. I hope they just dont think, "we sell anyway, we gonna sell out anway".
  9. never. he hates conventions and makes fun about that and he doesnt sign any back to the future stuff. and he doesnt speak about BTTF. everytime when he is doing an interview there is a contract so they cant ask about BTTF. there is not docu about BTTF with him. not for the 25th or 30th anniversary.
  10. Christopher Lloyd just has to come again. I guess 90 % didnt get his autograph. Its just a must.
  11. Im always wondering, people who are answering the all the questions here, are they from SM or just people who wanna answer questions and say something? because some answers in the last weeks are just wrong here. I would like to know who is really in charge. because if nobody of SM reads that questions, than it doesnt make sense to post anything.
  12. I mentioned about separate queues in another thread. Simple rope barriers to separate diamond, gold, batches etc. Also some form of organised queueing rather than a massive swarm. Photo shoot A for MJF on Sunday was just a big mass of people. I couldn't hear the poor guy at the front, see the board he was holding up (I had to rely on a kind gentleman standing next to me), or even see where the entrance was for the photo shoot due to the massive crowd. When I went to Neve Campbells photo shoot there was a large crowd and I was told it wasn't a queue but just a holding area. That's fine, but when you are at the back of that you have absolutely no idea what number is being called etc... Actually I think it wasnt just a mess, it was dangerous. MJF and Weaver photo shoot was crazy and dangerous. Everytime after the guy called the next batch people were running and pushing. Really bad pushing by the way. Im very surprised nothing bad happened. Luckily for SM. The solution could be, like at conventions in the US, the big stars in seperate rooms. Like the signing with MFJ. There would be enough space for batch 1 and 2 inside the room. there should be the photo shoot. for example at a convention in the US (I dont say a name because they gonna delete that post again...) it was a room for a photo shoot and with chairs. Batch one got inside and took a seat. That happened before the star arrived in the booth. And than it went row by row and there was enough space for 15 rows with 10 chairs, thats 150 people. and when the second last row was standing up to get the pic, they let batch 2 in. So there was nothing crazy about that outiside of the room, and inside it was quiet and everyone could take a seat. And I didnt seat for 8 hours in london.
  13. Neve was a split shoot, the other tickets had gone through in session 1. Thanks for clearing this up . But what does happen if a talk runs over and you miss a photoshoot? Just quite nervous after some bad experiences yesterday (some good ones too) Go to the photoshoot area immediately, let the pit boss know. Sometimes they can get a guest back. If not they will advise you what to do. and thats not true. Im sorry but I missed my photo shot with frances lee mccain because a clash, she was taking pictures for about 5 minutes but she left after 3 minutes because she was already finished. It was something 2pm I guess and I arrived from my other photo shoot exactly at 2.04pm and the woman in red (the boss for that booth I guess?) said she left like 5 seconds ago. I said I cant come tomorrow and if she could call her back because she is probably very close and she said no we dont do that, never. I said but I was reading on the homepage something about that and she said no Im a liar, she really said that. She said they are not allowed to do that and now you tell us again about that. Im still pissed because I ask for a refund and they said no. I was about to get pics with all the BTTF cast members and because of that Im really really sad. I cant see to spend money again for this convention.
  14. Iain Glen said he is not allowed to take pictures. He said they told him everyone who wants pictures have to get a photo op.
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