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  1. I'd say just over £2000, inc. food and a cheap Premier Inn stay. We got married the 1st July and came to LFCC for our honeymoon. We asked for money as a gift, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to do half of what we did! We'd bought our passes the year before when they went on sale, but due to the wedding we forgot to put a bit back for autos etc. So the honeymoon fund was a life saver!! Worth every penny spent, we had an amazing time.
  2. I was one of the first in his photo batch on Saturday, and there was a crew member standing about 5 people down before you got to Wil, saying 'please remember, no physical contact'. Maybe that changed a bit later on in the weekend. I feel my photo looks a bit awkward as I was worried incase I touched him so really made an effort not to get near him, but then I've seen others standing closer so maybe I could have shuffled up a bit. Oh well, glad he came to start with and loved meeting him. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155313113671210&id=633616209 (Should be a link to my picture, not really sure how else to get it on here.)
  3. Dean Cain made my weekend! Initially wasn't too excited to meet him as I was with some other bigger profile guests, but oh my goodness, that soon changed❤️ absolutely charming, chatting to guests and genuinely interested in seeing his fans. Got to his autograph table and he jumped up to hug me as he not only remembered my face but my name, after bumping into to him on the way to attend his photoshoot the previous day (to be fair, my name is Tuesday, so not a hard name to forget) but that personal touch really made my weekend!
  4. Guy managing the bedlam of Kevin Smiths Q yesterday, believe his name was Darren (?). Getting abuse from a small minority due to Kevin being late back (we were waiting in his autograph Q for 2 hours!) Brilliant guy, stayed calm and very helpful. It wasn't his fault Kevin was late, appreciate Kevin likes talking to the fans, but Darren unfortunately took the brunt of people's frustrations, so big shout out to him!
  5. Sorry my mistake, I did have a look on the other threads but obviously missed the information. Thanks for the help
  6. I have a gold pass so get a £10 photo and autograph included, I would love to get Hattie as she is £10. How do I go about getting these included? I am unsure how it works, eg. Do I order it online and then get refunded the price? I'd hate to miss out!
  7. Help! I can't seem to be able to buy a photo session, her name isn't appearing when I look, unless I'm being really stupid!
  8. I'm a massive Brat Pack fan, I'm guessing Emilio Estevez wouldn't agree, but maybe Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy ? It would make my life to meet any of the Brat Pack
  9. I'm so glad you posted this! It has been my first con and I didn't know if it was a normal thing to be feeling a bit down afterwards! Looking forward to the next one already, when will the guests for 2016 start to be announced?
  10. Massive BTTF fan, and all were such friendly, lovely people to chat to. I would love to see them all again but MJF and Lea Thompson definitely. Special mention to Claudia Wells as she was such a lovely woman to chat with and she remembered me from the photo shoot, probably down to me having an unusual name, but she really made me feel so comfortable and she was only too happy to give you her time, nothing was too much trouble for her.
  11. I was at the Saturday MJF shoot and Luke did an excellent job of keeping people entertained during the wait and making us laugh e.g. after batch 1, writing batch 1.5 on the board. Everyone rushed forward thinking it said batch 2, made us all laugh. Just little things which helped to difuse some of the frustrations of waiting really made a difference. Well done!
  12. He was opposite where Christopher Lloyd and Bill Paxton were autographing,a long the railing of the balcony. But on friday he was in a different place, they seemed to have moved some people around today.
  13. Sorry, it's my first con and MJF is my ultimate idol! If I've messed up my only chance I will be devastated! Thanks for the help!
  14. I haven't got my pass in the post I've only got my tickets as an email attachment
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