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    Arghhh, I should of known better than to ask Human Beings a question....
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    Anything you don’t find there ask here. There’s usually a newbie questions thread but nobodies started one yet so just use this one. Nothing is too silly a question. We were all DST virgins once
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    Online photo sales continue until shortly before the photo session in question (the sales desk at the show is on the same system; both places stop selling at the same time)
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    Let's have cast of Strangers in (2018) John simm+ Katie leung, what a dream team, can't go wrong with them at the convention!!!
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    Can Nate be the free space otherwise no-one's getting a full house
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    Whoever gets House gets to be King/Queen of the Nerds
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    The surprise background may be a ruined city or a pile of cute kittens that the Dalek just want's to play with (Or exterminate)
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    There's a Dalek with a screen coloured green behind it.
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    Brad Dourif Jennifer Tilly Léa Seydoux Rosamund Pike
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    Jason Behr (Roswell, Dawson’s Creek & Breakout Kings) Melissa Benoist (Supergirl, Glee, Whiplash & Homeland) Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 & 2, Kings, My Girl & Saved) Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Covert Affairs & Notorious) Larisa Oleynik (Mad Men, Hawaii Five-0, Pretty Little Liars, 10 Things I Hate About You & 3rd Rock From The Sun) Hinton Battle (Buffy, Dreamgirls & Quantum Leap)
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    Andrew Lincoln Madison Lintz Tom Pelphrey Dom Monaghan Elijah Wood
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    Simon Pegg Nick Frost Tom Holland Josh Brolin Ryan Reynolds
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    A variation of Lord Of The Rings guest would be very very welcome.
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    Really really want: Peter Davison, John simm, Matthew Waterhouse, Tom baker, Colin Baker, Ingrid Oliver, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie piper, Gaten Matazzo, Peter Capaldi ¥a bit cheaper than 2018) Sarah Sutten, Janet Fielding, Andrew Scott, Bennedict cumberbatch, Martin freeman, David bradley and David jason
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    I'd prefer a RAW option along with jpg, they don't have time to tweak each photo manually so having that RAW file would be brilliant for some of us as we could tweak our photos and bring more details out, these are pro photographers so I'm assuming they shoot RAW, although maybe due to the amount of photos taken each day and time constraints they can't.
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