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  1. Andrew Lincoln Madison Lintz Tom Pelphrey Dom Monaghan Elijah Wood
  2. Yes yes yes!! Two of my favourite shows. Walton Goggins would be a huge dream guest for me
  3. I really want to meet Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp
  4. Michelle Yeoh!!!! Kate Mulgrew Robert Beltran Anson Mount Wilson Cruz Anthony Rapp
  5. 3 DP left for Tom Baker, just got mine!! So chuffed
  6. Incase anyone was like me and sobbing quietly about missing Tom's DP they are back in the shop! Just got mine! <3
  7. David Duchovnys diamond says unavailable instead of sold out, does that mean more will be added to the shop?
  8. People on twitter are saying theres another guest coming tomorrow at 7 but I cant find it anywhere, is that true?
  9. So excited! The Expanse is one of the best sci fi shows about!! Can't wait to meet him, might have to get a duo photo!
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