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  1. If people would just listen a lot of this you are so nicely exaggregating about could be avoided. Unfortunately most attendees don't listen. We tell everyone who asks approximate wait times and when to show up, to the point where the mods and other helpful users sound like broken records. Still 9/10 of the buyers show up 10 minutes before the shoot starts even.
  2. Retiring? Returning you mean.
  3. Jason loves finding new Star Wars guests. I can guarantee you that, even if negotiations are really not normally discussed.. :)
  4. You're best off using the contact form on the website. The mods currently don't have more info that what is on the site.
  5. Especially at Dave's age. He's a Trooper, but that costume must be really heavy. Standing around in that for a while will put a strain on anyone.
  6. Sorry this took so long. We were told everything would just carry over, and that wasn't exactly what has been happening.
  7. Yes, I am definitely with Raylenth there. If you really want him, please consider the Diamond Pass. He only saw a handful of non Diamond Pass holders last time.
  8. Did I hear the magical word "cake"?
  9. I think I managed to find that button to de-anonymize likes.
  10. One more Thing to note in my next eye examination. ><
  11. You're not colorblind, there is green. Or we are both colorblind which I guess is a possibility too.
  12. I will pass this on, thank you.
  13. Hasn't been forgotten about, still being queried.
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, the signatures should be enabled now. However, as they got rid of certain moderating Options for the signatures here's the official caveat: First, no URLs please. Pictures and such are blocked by Default. I really don't want to enable that because it's eating a lot of bandwidth. Second and most important: any abuse - if there's too much Violation of the Forum rules like other Events Promotion, swearing etc. - will lead to us turning off the signatures again.
  15. I've found another Option to tweak the notifications bit hopefully... now I just hope this doesn't disable the"user can Change Setting" part again. ><