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  1. Definite typing error which has now been corrected. Thank you for pointing it out.
  2. Marc Warren is 20 Pounds. Have you looked at the wrong person? The Musketeers guests had very large lines at the shows I attended, that is why I added him.
  3. I see your point, but you are not seeing mine. No matter how you put it, you are still asking for an official statement. TooTall used to have an estimate in his old FAQ thread. Which again was his personal estimate, and he's the Head of Crew and due to that spot on most of the times. We had to remove this because so many people complained "but you said guest X would not be on VQ tickets!", mostly when guests went on VQ tickets throughout the day. Even if it's coming from an admin or a mod and we post 10 times "this is not officially confirmed" basically everything in that regard we've been posting at the last shows has lead to complaints. You have no idea how often the poor crew at the show has to deal with "but the mods said." I didn't even want to post my personal guesses first due to that. So sorry, the best idea you will get is personal guesses. Nothing will be posted by SM themselves unless it's someone who everyone expects to be on VQ tickets anyway, like Barrowman. Out of curiosity, who's the guest from my list you didn't expect?
  4. A little coding can go wrong a long way.
  5. Nope, not frowned upon at all. A lot of people do that actually. And once you have a VQ ticket you can still use it after the session. Worst that can happen is that then he has gone open queue, but better than missing out.
  6. Thanks, Daniel. It was a small unplanned surgery. I'm just not really supposed to move much right now.
  7. Stenun, you realize that your first question basically reads "I know you won't tell, but can you tell us anyway?" This is not official, I very much doubt it will be confirmed by SM in any way, but these are my personal guesses: John Barrowman for sure Ben Browder for sure cause he signs really slow all Diamond Pass guests Charisma Carpenter Julie Benz Marc Warren EDIT: Yes, Gazza is likely too. Possibly a number of sports guests with limited appearance times as well.
  8. Sherlocked USA and the German Comic Con in Munich. SM are partners for the latter one.
  9. The good news is: Normally photoshoots don't start right at show opening anyway. 10 AM would be about the time the shoots are actually starting. But trains can be delayed, that's what my personal worry would be. Who do you want to see?
  10. Pick up only. The exact details will be posted here at some point next week.
  11. You have the very same concern quite a number of people had already. As already repeatedly posted: There will be a statement for both Collectormania and LFACC as soon as any possible new procedures have been confirmed. Everyone, I understand you are worried. But the LFACC and the Collectormania sections are not that busy yet. Please check at least the first page if someone has asked the same already.
  12. Right now: no. We might see a pleasant surprise when the schedule is on, but until then it's cross your fingers.
  13. I don't think that will happen, sorry. Otherwise it would be called a costume photo shoot.
  14. It says included in Gold Pass. The price of the Diamond Pass is tailored it its contents at the time the Diamond Pass goes on sale. The price of 75 Pounds is correct, yes.
  15. I had talked to the German organisers and was going to do the German events, but due to health issues that did not happen. For Germany I am helping with the Facebook site and such. I'm afraid I'm not involved for Amsterdam. I'll try to point out again that not everyone is a big fan of Facebook and please don't forget the forum.