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  1. It should be 5 Pounds. But I have nit received confirmation yet. That's why the introduction posts still say tbc.
  2. Probably Marc Blucas seeing they posted in that topic.
  3. I have a side pocket on my bag. I usually put the battery in there and try not to get tangled wirh cable.
  4. I've forwarded to the Office. *mumbles how much she hates Twitter*
  5. Another Thing to consider... Hand luggage only or will you have to wait for your bags? Cause if you have to wait I have seen that taking 45 minutes as well...
  6. This. And photoshoot tickets have always been limited. Certain People may have an insanely high Limit never before seen. But technically all shoots have a cap.
  7. You can go any time after your Batch has been called. We simply can't give you an exact time because the shoots not always go at the same Speed. As Long as you are there before the session Ends it will be okay.
  8. They're paid for talks, so you have your seat. Some People will no doubt start lining up early, especially for Benedict. When to arrive largely depends on if you want to be Close to the front.
  9. You're welcome to Crew if you like. I will speak with TooTall to make sure you get assigned the night shifts. Then you can prove yourself.
  10. Especially seeing I replied there within a couple of minutes. The Event isn't for another week. We're all answering questions as fast as we can. Posting twice within a couple of minutes only increases our workload and makes the life of the mods and our lovely users assisting more hard than necessary.
  11. Everyone is swamped and trying to catch up. I'd give it til Tuesday.
  12. It is very clear. He has one time Slot, so 5 minutes. Just look at the times given on the left side. Guests are signing whenever they are not on break, doing a talk or doing a photosession.
  13. Likely only Diamond and Gold. But this is not confirmed. I have given all info that's currently confirmed in the first post. Please wait for that update I already mentioned.
  14. The last info I have is that an email would come out "later this week", that info is from Monday.
  15. Thumbs up.