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  1. Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    Probably late this morning, if it had happened yesterday normally someone would have tried to reach me to put it on. I am very sorry. Sometimes that happens when no dedicated social media person (like David or in rare cases myself) are at the show. The crew is busy with a million other things and no one things of a forum announcement. As to what actually happened, this is a question for crew at the show I'm afraid. I currently have no info.
  2. Ahhhhhhhh finally

    No, cause the earlier you start the better chance to find a decent price.
  3. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Yes, with LFACC out of the way Jason is now working down the list.
  4. Thanks for explaining, but crippsy is aware of this. That was his way of saying something completely different.
  5. Third time lucky

    We already have a guest suggestions topic and one "who do you think you'll be the first guest?" I will close this one here, otherwise we'll have a triplicate soon - is that even a word?
  6. Anymore guests coming?

    We've had guests announced the night before. At one of the Collectormania shows I turned my phone on after flying to London and had about half a dozen text messages if I could please pick up Tom Felton's autograph because he had just been announced.
  7. Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    So? There's not been a Guardians guest to go along with Groot at other shows either.
  8. Guidelines and Rules

    The main office e-mail is still info@showmastersonline.com
  9. Pre order website

    I have checked with the office and according to them 10 is correct. I'm trying to get a hold of Jason about the price on the site.
  10. Pre order website

    Sorry, I completely misread your post. I had him down as 15 and so the price on the website would correct. I honestly overread the part about the 10 Pounds given on here. If you keep your questions a little more concise that helps a lot.
  11. Pre order website

    The show is way too close for that, sorry.
  12. Pre order website

    The typo already been corrected.
  13. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Did you e-mail from the address you registered with on here? I tried to give Jason a nudge too, but if he's looking for the wrong address that won't help.
  14. Pre order website

    I was told they will be added tomorrow.