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  1. Train tickets, plus entry for 2 days, food, purchases and auto. £130. Cheaper than a holiday.
  2. Well Saturday I was just a general entry ticket. Got to venue at 9.30 and was in by 10.04. Was quite surprised if was waved through with no bag checks. I found the autograph area quite chaotic and hot and stuffy. My suggestion would be to spread out a little more and clearly mark walkways/where to queue as it was hard to tell where queues ended and it was just people standing chatting. More than once I accidentally wandered into a queue trying to get across the room.
  3. If you buy vouchers by card on the day is it tap and pay?
  4. PersonallyI don't arrive till after doors open as I don't want to queue in order to queue. I'd rather join a queuros that is moving then it doesn't seem as long.
  5. Google, tfl or national rail enquiries they all have journey planners. Plus pick up an underground map at nearest London station or tourist information.
  6. What I do is put anything inside my bag in clear freezer bags that way it's easy to see at a glance if bags are checked. I have to add it really want bag checks in place as standard at cons in general.
  7. I've got to go by train and whichever route I try it still end up 2hr journey. So there's no way I can get there for doors opening. Sigh.
  8. Will there be any areas with seats or benches other than talks? Or should I bring a fold up stool?
  9. Am I missing something? The green screen or sets without guests where are the prices?
  10. I was only asking as I need to start making them soon to finish in time. I like to make bag to.match my cosplays.
  11. Will there be any additional restrictions on bag size/type or kind of cosplay props allowed this year?
  12. Maybe I could make a tribble cape?
  13. I wanted to do the star trek classic captains chair but my cosplay uniform is green (kirk wrap top). Doh! Face!palm. Shame there isn't a blue screen option.
  14. Can you buy the vouchers in advance or only on the day?
  15. Had to Google Cheshunt. But might be doable. Only just hits the 2hr travel time mark.