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  1. Had to Google Cheshunt. But might be doable. Only just hits the 2hr travel time mark.
  2. I've started watching the reruns. Got hooked. They are rather good. Anyone else a fan?
  3. found old MacGyver being replayed on cbsdrama? Should give me a chance to compare to the new series. first thought, it's very 80s. Lol
  4. So I have finally decided on my cosplay. No one will probably get who I am but hey, its something that I wanna do. making a femme version of illya from 'man from uncle' the tv series not the remake film.. using vintage patterns etc. Need to make the badge/pen communicator prop. But should be fun and warm weather appropriate.
  5. David mccallum
  6. ioan gruffud. Jaime bamber Paul mcgann well the cast of hornblower really.
  7. ooh its a bit different.
  8. Lucas Till
  9. I liked this weeks episode. *ducks*
  10. I liked the original while Grissom was in it. Just not the same afterwards.
  11. That's what they had said, yes. I think it's about time, it feels like there's nowhere really left for it to go. Getting back on topic, I had no idea that there was a remake of MacGyver! From what's been said though, I'm not sure I'll be watching. I'd say give it a go don't go by just the first episode. Its warming up as it goes along.
  12. I'd like to combine Sherlock and elementary to make a hybrid show. Sherlock has forgotten its about solving the mystery and not just Sherlock posing and showing off. Elementary is a little formulaic and needs a few twists and deduction. But I'll still watch both.
  13. Well I liked the doctor who tv movie when everyone else hated it, so I'm kinda used to it. But then I had those feelings about the three musketeers bbc series at first as it took the names from the books and then just completely ignored any of the story. But then once I stopped comparing I got to like it. I even cosplayed as a female version of feron.
  14. I do think the son if macgyver route would have been a good way of satisfying the new and old fans. And TBH that's what I thought the concept was till I googled it. I like it because it reminds me of the 90s series Bugs, which I miss. Now that would be nice to see a return or remake of...we never did find out what happened to ros and Beckett.
  15. So anyone else been watching the new series? I've not seen the original bar a few clips and reference in stargate/Simpsons. But I'm really enjoying this remake.