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  1. I was only asking as I need to start making them soon to finish in time. I like to make bag to.match my cosplays.
  2. Will there be any additional restrictions on bag size/type or kind of cosplay props allowed this year?
  3. Maybe I could make a tribble cape?
  4. I wanted to do the star trek classic captains chair but my cosplay uniform is green (kirk wrap top). Doh! Face!palm. Shame there isn't a blue screen option.
  5. Can you buy the vouchers in advance or only on the day?
  6. Had to Google Cheshunt. But might be doable. Only just hits the 2hr travel time mark.
  7. I've started watching the reruns. Got hooked. They are rather good. Anyone else a fan?
  8. found old MacGyver being replayed on cbsdrama? Should give me a chance to compare to the new series. first thought, it's very 80s. Lol
  9. So I have finally decided on my cosplay. No one will probably get who I am but hey, its something that I wanna do. making a femme version of illya from 'man from uncle' the tv series not the remake film.. using vintage patterns etc. Need to make the badge/pen communicator prop. But should be fun and warm weather appropriate.
  10. David mccallum
  11. ioan gruffud. Jaime bamber Paul mcgann well the cast of hornblower really.
  12. ooh its a bit different.
  13. Lucas Till
  14. I liked this weeks episode. *ducks*
  15. I liked the original while Grissom was in it. Just not the same afterwards.