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  1. How about Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton or Richard o'Brien? Would love some Flash Gordon royalty to come :)
  2. More Aliens guests please :)
  3. Would love a Jason to attend. Mr Kane Hodder or Derek Mears :)
  4. Great guest. Now please get Mr Bradley :)
  5. Currently reading 'The Trench' by Steve Alten. Finished 'Meg' recently and really enjoyed it.
  6. Amazing guest SM. Now get Doug Bradley please :)
  7. This ^^^^ and also more aliens guests please :)
  8. This gives you guys plenty of time to set up a joint photoshoot with both Janet and Mark
  9. Fantastic Announcement Showmasters. More Aliens guests now please :)
  10. Just spotted this and also Mark. Cracking couple of guests. LOVE ALIENS with Drake and Vasquez being my favourites :)
  11. Some more Goonies would also be great to add to my poster :)
  12. It's also predator's 30th :)
  13. Lets get the ball rolling then shall we... I say the same thing every year, Mr Sam J Jones, Timothy Dalton, or Brian Blessed from the greatest film ever please. And see if Carl Weathers can make it this time :)
  14. Me too :)
  15. here's a question. I have early bird tickets for tomorrow (saturday), is there any way of transferring them to the sunday??