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  1. Would love a Jason to attend. Mr Kane Hodder or Derek Mears :)
  2. Great guest. Now please get Mr Bradley :)
  3. Currently reading 'The Trench' by Steve Alten. Finished 'Meg' recently and really enjoyed it.
  4. Amazing guest SM. Now get Doug Bradley please :)
  5. This ^^^^ and also more aliens guests please :)
  6. This gives you guys plenty of time to set up a joint photoshoot with both Janet and Mark
  7. Fantastic Announcement Showmasters. More Aliens guests now please :)
  8. Just spotted this and also Mark. Cracking couple of guests. LOVE ALIENS with Drake and Vasquez being my favourites :)
  9. Some more Goonies would also be great to add to my poster :)
  10. It's also predator's 30th :)
  11. Lets get the ball rolling then shall we... I say the same thing every year, Mr Sam J Jones, Timothy Dalton, or Brian Blessed from the greatest film ever please. And see if Carl Weathers can make it this time :)
  12. Me too :)
  13. here's a question. I have early bird tickets for tomorrow (saturday), is there any way of transferring them to the sunday??
  14. Especially when people have bought Saturday tickets and will miss out completely
  15. Well now that I've already purchased Saturday tickets this is pretty rotten news to be honest