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  1. Can't believe its under a month to go.. now lets some more guest announcements showmasters :)
  2. John Wick 2..... and it was Awesome :)
  3. And get Carl Weathers signed up. I was gutted last year when he cancelled
  4. Just bought an Aliens poster for when Jenette, Mark and Colette visit Glasgow. Wouldn't mind some more Aliens guests to add to it. Met Lance Henriksen a few years back when he visited Braehead, It'd be amazing if you could get him back :)
  5. Met Lance when he attended Glasgow a few years back. Really nice guy, would love him to return :)
  6. How about Brian Blessed, Timothy Dalton or Richard o'Brien? Would love some Flash Gordon royalty to come :)
  7. More Aliens guests please :)
  8. Would love a Jason to attend. Mr Kane Hodder or Derek Mears :)
  9. Great guest. Now please get Mr Bradley :)
  10. Currently reading 'The Trench' by Steve Alten. Finished 'Meg' recently and really enjoyed it.
  11. Amazing guest SM. Now get Doug Bradley please :)
  12. This ^^^^ and also more aliens guests please :)
  13. This gives you guys plenty of time to set up a joint photoshoot with both Janet and Mark
  14. Fantastic Announcement Showmasters. More Aliens guests now please :)