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  1. Yeah I saw another guest with a 'no posed photos' sign walk away from their table with a fan, after getting their autograph, and do the selfie undetected a few feet away. This would suggest that the guest is happy to take photos, but their agent or SM are telling them no. They didn't even have much of a queue either. I guess this all comes down to how American guests do their appearances at American Cons by charging for selfies. With Showmasters' policy of not allowing the charging for selfies, the guest just stick to no posed photos. Remember it's all about the £££$$$ than the customer's experience.
  2. Thanks for that. Sadly just what I had assumed since no official announcement from Showmasters. I guess Kurtzman wasn't available to do it all over again. I'm sure the MUAs are very capable, but I also worry that on the day his make-up will look a little off. Hopefully these prosthetic appliances come pre-painted and/or they've had plenty of practice!
  3. It's a pretty safe bet that Robert won't have the stripey top on. He has always said it's a celebratory occasion for the Freddy makeup and not to confuse him as a Freddy cosplayer. Also probably under agreement to wear the event logo T-Shirt as this will give Showmasters plenty of free publicity (via people posting on social media, and news articles). I don't mind either way, but I do mind not having a reputable artist to apply his last ever Freddy makeup.
  4. I'd like to know who is applying Robert Englund's makeup? The last one was applied by Robert Kurtzman, a well known make-up FX artist, who worked on the Nightmare films, who also had a signing table. With only one week to go and no announcement, it would suggest they're scaling it down to an unknown random to save themselves £££?
  5. Ooosh. I've (recently) criticised other cons for allowing this, but sad to see an increase of this practice with Showmasters Events. It's common in America, but ever since that particular con (involving zombies) came to the UK, it's becoming more of an occurrence. Surely everything should be signed and agreed before the show?! Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Managed to read this before going to the ATM.
  6. Hi, I need some advice. I booked the Robert Englund makeup photoshoot last year, but forgot to buy an entrance ticket. The Saturday was announced as sold out (without any low ticket warnings at all ), which resulted in many of us stuck with a £100+ photoshoot ticket and no entrance ticket to attend it. I'm no newbie here and have attended for many years, so this was a simple forgotten mistake. With that said, Showmasters replied to several people on Facebook to email for assistance, which suggests there was a potential solution in hand. I sent an email that very same day, however, it's been nearly 2 weeks and still no reply (only the initial "high volume of enquiries" automated email the same day). So today we have learnt that the event has been postponed to November, so will someone still get back to me? I know it's early days yet, but will there be more tickets released if people can't attend the new date? Thanks
  7. Yeah that's the same documentary on the Eaten Alive blu-ray. It's great :) I'm currently trying to track down the Man From The Deep River blu-ray, but don't want the censored UK version.
  8. Yeah, as soon as I posted that image I was bit unsure whether it would offend some. I've changed the image now.
  9. Yes I did. Nice lady, but appeared a bit on the shy side. She signed my Eaten Alive sleeve. I asked her whether she would still have done that movie if she could turn back time and to my surprise she said "no". Me Me Lai said she really didn't like that movie at all and preferred making Man From The Deep River.
  10. From my experience they were very nice again (I first met them a few years ago at another event) Ruggero has limited english, occasionally needing the lady next to him (presumably his grand daughter) to translate, but still holds a conversation fine. As soon as he saw the image I wanted him to sign, he asked me whether I knew how it was done (the infamous wooden stake impalement). He said the wooden stake was attached to a bicycle seat and only cost them $10 to create. I asked him whether House On The Edge Of the Park sequel would still happen, despite David Hess' passing, but he said it wouldn't work without him. Francesca was also very chatty, happily signed the same image and posed for photos too. I asked her whether she would still do Cannibal Holocaust if she could turn back time and she said "yes!". The only difference being that she regretted turning down the roles Ruggero gave her after that movie was released.
  11. Does anyone know whether David Naughton was on VQ tickets today? Also James Jude Courtney too?
  12. Such sad news. Am happy to have met him, but do regret not getting the photo or getting a second autograph the next day. My memories of Rutger that weekend was approaching him at his table where gave me a cheeky tongue out face while taking a bite from his Mars bar. Also as I left the venue, I saw him having a smoke outside, visibly very tired from a long day. He will be missed.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I too remember the 2014 LFCC event; so much confusion at the separate gate entries. Just thought this might have changed since the move from Earls Court to the Olympia venue.
  14. I was looking to attend one of the days at a later time, at a discounted price, but there is only one type of ticket. Eventbrite pretty much confirms this, but is there any reason why this was stopped from previous events?
  15. I didn't meet George, but was next to him while waiting for Robert Englund. I noticed that the man sitting next to him was using a laminated card sign to block people from seeing George's autograph from being written. Never seen that before. I assume it was to prevent anyone from seeing how it's written and creating fakes.
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