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  1. Show us your signed HORROR memorabilia!

    It's been an age since I've uploaded anything here. Here are just a small selection of stuff I got signed recently: HELLRAISER - Official Mini Movie Poster Signed by: * Clive Barker (Writer/Director) * Doug Bradley (Pinhead) * Clare Higgins (Julia) * Andrew Robinson (Larry/Frank) * Ashley Laurence (Kirsty) * Oliver Smith (Frank the Monster) * Nicholas Vince (Chattering Cenobite) * Simon Bamford (Butterball Cenobite) * Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite part 2) * Geoff Portass (Special FX Artist - Pinhead make-up) * Bob Keen (Lead Special FX Artist - Owner of Image Animation) * Cliff Wallace (Special FX Artist - Frank's make-up) 31 - Movie Poster Signed by Rob Zombie (Writer/Director) and Richard Brake (DoomHead) FRIDAY 13TH PART 6 - JASON LIVES Signed by Thom Mathews (Tommy) FROM BEYOND - One Sheet Poster Signed by Jeffrey Combs, Ken Foree, Barbara Crampton, John Carl Buechler and Robert Kurtzman RE-ANIMATOR - Fright Rags Screen Print Poster Signed by Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton HOUSE 1000 CORPSES - Captain Spaulding Murder Ride Sign Signed by Sid Haig MANIAC (2012) - Bluray Cover Signed by Elijah Wood SAW - DVD Set Signed by James Wan, Leigh Whannell, Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Shawnee Smith, Danny Glover and Michael Emerson HALLOWEEN - Vinyl Signed by John Carpenter
  2. Hows the Friday going?

    As I attended today mostly for the Alien guests, I spent most of my morning waiting for Tom to show up. The crew had no idea when he was due to arrive (as well as Pamela Anderson). Later I heard that Tom's flight had been delayed, yet he traveled straight from the airport to attend LFCC. Despite the lateness, you got to applaud him for his commitment and not cancelling Friday's appearance. He was evidently and understandably tired when I met him, but he was very kind and great to meet. Hope he rests well tonight ready for the busiest day tomorrow.
  3. Important Guest Update Tonight 7pm LFCC

    We still need an update on who is in the Alien talk and group photoshoot. They are the only ones whose guest names have not been mentioned yet in the price advertised.
  4. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    I honestly think the tweets are deliberately steering you guys away from the correct guest announcement. Remember, each post has not been revealed as a clue, so they could be bluffs. They know people read into words too much, so I'm sure they're having fun with this
  5. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Depends which guests attending are considered big? Dean Cain might not be considered as big to you, but will be for others. I'm sure you'll find a link to a guest if you checked every single film/TV show she's worked on. Also to note that both Teri and Dean were reunited in Sydney recently
  6. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    It's got to be Teri Hatcher. That would explain why they got Dean Cain back so soon after Collectormania. Also the Twitter clue saying they've been in something with the letters in 'Supernatural', as in 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' Teri has also appears to be doing Cons now. A Lois & Clark double photoshoot would be great business for Showmasters.
  7. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    "Whet your appetite" could point to DOOBIE SNACKS which would then point to Jason Mewes
  8. Big Guest Announcement- Friday 7pm

    Yaphet Kotto Yaphet Kotto Yaphet Kotto Yaphet Kotto
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - TOBE HOOPER

    Great announcement! Love seeing more Directors attending these events. I already briefly met Tobe, but will definitely meet him properly this time. Legend!!!
  10. Big Guest Announcement - Tonight 7PM

    Remember, the true big names (that are actively working) are announced around this time: Jeremy Renner - announced 25th June 2016 Sigourney Weaver - announced 18th June 2015 Now I'm thinking they've finally got Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) as we know they were keen to book him a couple of years ago. Last guess would be Tom Hiddleston (another guest they've been after).
  11. Big Guest Announcement - Tonight 7PM

    My guess is Mike Myers. It's the 25th anniversary of Wayne's World and they've already bagged Tia Carrere. Either that or they've finally secured Eddie Murphy or another Avenger.
  12. Security Update

    I arrived at around 1pm today, had my ticket scanned and walked straight in without any security checks (I had 2 bags on me). Apart from a sniffer dog & police officer doing the rounds inside the venue, I didn't see any security on the door, only Showmasters staff/volunteers.
  13. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    Happy LV-426! Now would be a good day to announce Yaphet Kotto and/or more details of the 'Alien Photoshoot'
  14. Questions about the new forum

    This new forum is very frustrating. What would take a second to see new announcement threads, now takes a lot longer. I used to just login to the forum and just glance at the top right hand corner to see whether there are new guests announced, but now I have to browse through each thread. I don't want to know who replied to what thread/post and all that social media like stuff on the 'activity' feature.
  15. Alien photo session

    Just checked and yes he did appear at the 2004 LFCC show. He was also £15 back then Source - http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=13950