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  1. I get all you say as I am well aware of how these events work. It’s just frustrating as you say that this talk had no clash and then suddenly it does. I’ll make the most of my time at the event but it was all working out so much better before the changes.
  2. Having now had time to consider the changes I now find I will no longer be able to attend either the Game of Thrones talk, Christopher Lambert talk or Allo Allo (which was doubtful anyway due to clashes with other photo shoots). I just don’t get why a schedule is published earlier in the week allowing people to plan accordingly only for it to change the day before. I am still looking forward to meeting everyone but this has tarnished the event for me now.
  3. That’s great but having bought my ticket for Christopher Lamberts talk before I knew of the changes, I now find I have photoshoot clashes which means I can’t now go. Can I get a refund for this ?
  4. If you have bought an individual photo shoot with Tara can you upgrade for the joint one ?
  5. HBO did guide books for Season 1/2 and Season 3/4. I met GRR Martin at a Book Festival and got that signed by him. Might be a thought for what you want to do. I think they are still available. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inside-HBOs-Game-Thrones-Boxset/dp/1473210267/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1528493305&sr=1-1&keywords=inside+hbos+game+of+thrones+books
  6. Sorry but I though I had kept my original question concise as shown below : However, I guess not. Anywhoo, Thank you also for your response below as that is the answer I was seeking ! Thank you for dealing with this query.
  7. I beg to differ. The forum post announcing Dean's attendance as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 10. The Guest days and prices forum post as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 10. The event website as of five minutes ago still quotes £ 15. Which typo has been corrected because nothing has changed since my original post and the pre-order shop as of five minutes ago is still showing £ 20 (being £ 15 plus £5). If nothing has changed - exactly what has been corrected ?
  8. You've missed my point. I am well aware of the added £5 for handling and £5 for dedications. My point is that there are two different basic prices being quoted for Dean here and on the event website. If as is stated here the price is £10 on the day then the pre-order store price is wrong as it is quoting £20 being standard price of £15 plus £5. I do not want to end up paying more than I should if his price on the day is the lower one.
  9. Thanks for the info. I now see the two have been added. However that gives rise to a quick query. Both the announcement thread for Dean Jagger and the Guest Days and Prices thread has him listed as £ 10 for an autograph. However, the event website says £ 15 and that is the price used for the online pre-order. Which is right ? Thanks.
  10. Are Dean Jagger and Wilf Scolding going to be added to the pre-order site given the event happens next weekend ?
  11. Do you not mean Acid free ? I found this company on Amazon and am happy with what they have provided : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Enigma/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_1783054031?ie=UTF8&node=1783054031&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Enigma Have a look through their products to see what you might be looking for.
  12. Great series from Amazon TV - would be terrific to see some of the cast appearing at events in the coming year. Any one agree ?
  13. Interesting that there has been no announcement yet about a convention in MK for next year. Normal reason for delay is announcement of football fixtures but my recollection is there has normally been an announcement by now - especially as there already has been for Manchester. Is this one being wound down to be replaced by all the regional events and additional ones for London ?
  14. Have you been to the venue before ? There is nowhere really to hold such talks from what I have seen so I am not sure there ever will be talks at this one.
  15. I too was planning Ben, Carice, Derek and Erin as well as Jimmy Greaves and my son was meeting Jimmy Bullard. While there are a number of others we are to meet I think this is the worst year I have ever had re cancellations.
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