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  1. Well mine is a really old one made in the 90s! I think 1992 actually... The most accurate in my opinion! It was made by Halcyon :)
  2. Oh hi!! Haha yeah, that was me with the dead facehugger haha! Thanks!
  3. Yeah, it seemed that everybody went for Aliens, but I chose a Shawshank redemption picture and he was like "aaah finally someone who got taste!"! Made me laugh, I'm a massive shawshank redemption fan, so I was glad to hear he liked the movie too Got to talk about my props a bit with him haha Great guy!!
  4. I'd imagine it will be busier on Saturday, and he has a chance to see more cosplays on that day, but it also depends how he can handle noise and crowd, I know it's not always easy for kids with autism! Either way I'm sure he'll have a blast!
  5. Thanks guys, I'll send them an email! And yeah, no worries, I wasn't planning on walking around Glasgow with the rifle haha xD
  6. Do you know who I'll have to contact for this? The Braehead shopping centre or?...
  7. I'd imagine they are, but I am about to bring my Alien pulse rifle, and it's a pretty big gun, so I was wondering if it was allowed within the con? It's all in resin, just want to make sure before I get to the door and get told it's not allowed! Thanks :)
  8. YESS, thank you for answering our plea! It's been purchased
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