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  1. R.I.P Tobe Hooper

    Locked as already being discussed in LFCC 2017 forum.
  2. Wow, so excited right now!!
  3. Hotels near Olympia

    I've always stayed at the Premier Inn Olympia and with the exception of poor wifi this year I've not had any issues.
  4. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Last update from the pre order site direct. "We are now back from LFCC and processing refunds for cancelled guests. We will start packing from LFCC on friday with the first batch going saturday. We will continue to ship for at least 2 weeks. Please do not email asking if your item has shipped until 21 working days of the show ending as it really slows things down. We will try to answer all non LFCC postage emails as soon as possible. "
  5. Hi All, As we have had numerous posts requesting them we have decided to pin this one for info. Digital images tend to take up to two weeks after the event to go up, this is not a set rule and could take longer due to the sheer number of images taken at this show. A post will go up on here and on social media when these images are available.
  6. Photoshoot pictures online

    Locking this here as this has been answered numerous times below. The general rule is it can take up to two weeks after the show, however it has been known to take longer on occasion. A post will go up announcing when they are released.
  7. Hi All Just a reminder, whilst the mods will check in on the forum periodically over the course of the weekend, most of us will be at the show so we cannot guarantee an immediate response on here. If you have any issues whilst at the show, please speak to a member of the event crew, or visit the information desk. Most issues that arise can be dealt with then and there however, if you leave the show with an unresolved problem it is unfortunately likely to stay that way. We hope you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you there.
  8. Reliable autograph sites:

    I have a couple of times and have always been happy with what I've got.
  9. VQ Suggestion

    Facilities on site are nothing to do with Showmasters and are the responsibility of Olympia, a system like this won't be happening.
  10. Message from the Mods

    She was there!!
  11. Pamela Anderson

    Pamela is here and is just starting her photo shoot.
  12. Message from the Mods

    Aww shucks!! Thanks guys, been fantastic to see so many people from here over the weekend.
  13. Margot Kidder?

    Her cancellation was announced Friday on here at the show and twitter.
  14. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Yes with the exception of diamond guests
  15. Margot Kidder Refund

    Unfortunately this was a last minute cancellation it was posted up on her table yesterday and posted on here and twitter. Refunds will most likely be processed after the show.
  16. Golds turned away at Zoe Wanamaker

    This situation has been rectified.
  17. Once you have had your ticket scanned and have received your pass that is all you will need.
  18. Message from the Mods

    No, There is a cancellation thread a few below this one.
  19. Can we bring a Lucille to phootoshooy

    There was a stall selling plastic versions, from the macfarlane toy range, these are ok but as QS says anything more is a no go.

    This is what the print looks like for reference.
  21. Pamela Anderson

    She was open queue this afternoon and was very pleasant indeed.
  22. No, Grand Hall Entrace opposite Olympia Way
  23. This version of the schedule is the most up to date and factors in cancellations with the exception of Daniel Naprous. There won't be another schedule posted online now, only at the event.
  24. Talk refund

    No, the diamond pass is an all inclusive pass, refunds are not possible.