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Guest suggestions for DST 2019

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I couldn't find a guest suggestion thread for 2019 so hopefully it's ok for me to start one...

May I suggest Michelle Yeoh as a guest? That would be fantastic, amazing and awesome! I was a fan of her before she joined the Star Trek universe but now that she is not one but two Trek characters - twice the reason that it would be great to see her at DST (or indeed any other Showmasters event - she'd be a Diamond Pass for certain for me!)!

In addition (yeah, there's more!) I'm really hoping to see more Discovery guests. I didn't get to meet them all last year and, of course, there are new characters (Captain Pike, anyone?) so that would also be brilliant! :-)

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Agreed on Dwight Schultz. 

I'm mostly a fan of DS9 and Voyager, so forgive me if my list leans rather in that direction, but...

Avery Brooks would be great

Mark Alaimo

Would be good to see Jeffery Coombs and Casey Biggs again, especially if they did some sort of "villains" panel with Mark Alaimo. 

Some guests who I thought really helped make the event last time include Terry Farrell, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois and Michael Dorn.

I'd love to see Kate Mulgrew back again, my one regret about last year's is not getting her autograph.

Other Voyager actors I'd really like to see would include Robert Picardo, Tim Russ and Robert Beltran.

And one star of several Treks, John deLancie I'm sure would do an amazing talk.

My strongest message to Showmasters would be this however: last year there was a good mix of guests. I'm sure I'm far from the only Trekkie not awfully interested in Discovery. I appreciate there are also those who are, but please keep this mixture and do not neglect the older shows.

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Avery Brooks
Colm Meaney
Marc Alaimo
Louise Fletcher
Mark Allen Shepherd
Salome Jens
Kenneth Marshall
Scott Bakula

Might be a little DS9 flavour there. But Scott is a great guest to meet

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Honestly lovely to see Alice Eve announced for those of us who enjoyed the Kelvin timeline as well as the classic stuff. If it were possible to meet anyone else from those entries, I certainly wouldn't complain (say, Lydia Wilson, Deep Roy, Bruce Greenwood, Karl Urban, Jennifer Morrison, Greg Grunberg, Peter Weller, just to give a few suggestions - anyone would be great).

My understanding is that Nichelle won't be making any more appearances, but on the off chance that changes, it would be wonderful to see her. I had a great time last year, but alas, could only do the day she had to miss.


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Gary Lockwood and Sally Kellerman. They were guest stars from 'Where No Man Has Gone Before'. Love this episode and it would be great to meet them both.

Also adding my support for Dwight Schultz! But for me it would be because I am a fan of The A-Team!

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