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  1. Perrydotto

    First Time DST FAQ?

    I'm guessing bringing your own food is off the table, but what about drinks, like plain water?
  2. Perrydotto

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    At least in my case, the PDFs of the tickets from Eventbrite have the batch number in tiny font at the VERY bottom of the page. Annoying, but it's there.
  3. Perrydotto

    First Time DST FAQ?

    I'm coming from a Euro country, so I'll see about withdrawing cash from my card somewhere then. I'll be sure to be there early before doors open, then.
  4. Perrydotto

    First Time DST FAQ?

    Two more things I'm curious about just to be certain: Should I bring cash to the venue to pay for autographs, vendor table stuff, etc. or can I also pay with card? Will only pounds sterling be accepted as currency? Will badge pickup start early or right as the timetable starts on Friday?
  5. Perrydotto

    One Week To Go!

    I won't keep you too long, but I'll gladly say hello!
  6. Perrydotto

    One Week To Go!

    We're in the same boat at least in so far that it's my first Trek convention too! Been to several other kinds, but this is an entirely new experience for me. Super excited!
  7. Perrydotto

    Admiral Package information

    My condolences about your nan. I hope you'll have a lovely time at the convention!
  8. Perrydotto

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    Oh no, I didn't mean right now. I meant regarding the suggestion to maybe assign people with fancy ticket packages tiers for autographs in the future, so they have more leeway then. It's a suggestion for the future, at least on my end.
  9. Perrydotto

    Commander Package Autograph Allocation

    I also think a certain amount of leeway would be very nice, if possible.
  10. Perrydotto

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    My ticket package came with vouchers for the "standard bridge" and a green screen, not sure what the standard bridge is exactly or if I misread that, but I'm not worried either way. I was just curious in case I wanted an extra picture after those two.
  11. Perrydotto

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    Tickets for the bridge photos without special guests will still be avaible on the days of the convention, right?
  12. Perrydotto

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    Thanks for the swift response! Sweet to know, I'll get two tickets for the shoot then.
  13. Perrydotto

    New Photo Shoots Available!

    Another question, my apologies: If I buy tickets to a photoshoot for my husband and me both, can we take pictures at the same time, or are photoshoots with the special guests strictly one per shot? I'd love for us both to be in the picture with the special guests, if possible.
  14. Perrydotto

    Talk & Photo Schedules

    This is the first time I'm going to a convention where the Opening Ceremony costs admission. Can any previous year(s) attendants tell me what happens at the ceremony at DST, so I know whether to include it in my budget?
  15. Perrydotto

    DST 2018 Talk and Photo Schedule

    To bring this thread back on track, it's a good question: Are there autograph signings on Friday?