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  1. Oh, Ramona Flowers/Lucy McClane/Huntress (the Crossbow Killer?) would be amazing
  2. Given that I got to meet his father and brother last year (thanks for that, by the way), Emilio Estevez would be a good one.
  3. Jane Levy (Castle Rock, Twin Peaks, Evil Dead remake)
  4. This has to happen. Because of the implication.
  5. I don't know if he ever does such things, but as music legends are apparently fair game, what about Tom Waits? He's also a fantastic actor.
  6. Great guy, and I was hoping another opportunity would present itself after Doctor Sleep. Good stuff.
  7. "Cool. Very cool." Loved his performance in John Wick: Chapter 3!
  8. I'll say this, telling people in Birmingham that you got an 11:45 pm bus from Newcastle right after work and that you're on the bus home at 3:10 so you can be back at work the next day gets you some great looks. Last year a man in a full Starfleet uniform whose baby was also dressed up told me I was hardcore (and to quote George Takei, "That's trekking too!"). Sadly London is a tad more complicated, time consuming, and potentially expensive, but we'll just have to see...
  9. I missed out on a couple of guests (the perils of a single day and needing to get a coach back home in the middle of the afternoon) and I'm sadly cursed to always have a couple of autographs go horribly wrong, but overall, great success. Patrick Stewart's talk was wonderful (Patrick: "I introduced America to double teabagging!" Shocked young woman next to me: "I'm sorry, what?!"), and I hope he is able to return after the release of the show, like he mentioned. Loved hearing how Picard would have sounded with a French accent. I particularly enjoyed chatting to Brent Spiner, Sonita Henry, and Michael Ensign. I generally don't expect more than a couple of seconds with guests due to the nature and requirements of the event, but managed to have nice little exchanges with them all (I sometimes think bringing something that relates to other work they've done helps with this - I'm still buzzing over how pleased Jason Isaacs was to see a copy of Black Hawk Down last year). Side note: I think Wilson Cruz would be the most fun on a night out. That guy's boisterous as hell and he really made me laugh
  10. Nobody let him forget that he said he looks forward to coming back to talk to us after we've seen the show! What a guy. Loved the French accent.
  11. No disrespect intended, but it might be worth a look on his Wikipedia page. But celebrating that anniversary in some way would be nice.
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