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Latest guest announcement - WILLIAM ATHERTON

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Latest Guest Announcement - William Atherton


This is William's first European signing


Attending: Fri/Sat/Sun


Autograph/Photoshoot Price: £15











Ghostbusters– Walter Peck


Die Hard 2– Richard Thornburg

Die Hard– Richard Thornburg


Stargate SG-1(TV Series)– Emissary Varta (1 episode, 2006)


The Last Samurai– Winchester Rep

The Crow: Salvation– Nathan Randall

Mad City– Dohlen

Hoodlum– Thomas Dewey

Bio-Dome– Dr. Noah Faulkner

The Pelican Brief– Bob Gminski

Oscar– Overton

No Mercy– Allan Deveneux

Real Genius– Prof. Jerry Hathaway

Looking for Mr. Goodbar– James

The Hindenburg– Boerth

The Sugarland Express– Clovis


Lost(TV Series)– Principal Reynolds (1 episode, 2010)

Boston Legal(TV Series)– A.D.A. Howard Zale (1 episode, 2005)

Law & Order(TV Series)– Dan Jensen / Don Snyder (2 episodes, 2002–2004)

The Equalizer(TV Series)– Gideon / Martin 'Alpha' Loeber (3 episodes, 1987–1989)

The Twilight Zone(TV Series)– Brian Wolfe (segment "The Card") / Mr. Dundee (segment "Night of the Meek") (2 episodes, 1985–1987)




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  • Showmasters Admin

well we try to get them for one event but if they are working its just not posable so we book them into the show that they can do which in this case is MK , its better that than not at all :-)


i am looking forward to seeing him my self :-)



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This is great, just great. He was o good in Ghostbusters. As a little kid in the 80's I loved to hate this guy. Will be great to meet him. "May I please see the storage facility, Mr Venkman." Delivered in that great simeball way. Wonder if I could get him to sign a picture, from Dickless???

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