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  1. They both did, Dan did most of what you see on-screen... most of Spencer's stuff got cut
  2. I was VT #1 and was so glad I was... an absolute gentleman in the finest tradition. Old-school screen presence with a wonderfully warm voice. Seemed very appreciative of everyone being there.... lovely chap.
  3. Personally, I don't really class SDCC as a 'signing' as the cast basically sit at HBO's (for example) booth and just sign promo posters on a conveyer belt system. You don't meet them or have any personal items signed - you essentially enter a lottery to receive one of the signed promo posters at the end. They are there under promo duties per their contracts, you're not paying anything to meet them or get the sig... hence my mentioning of Sophie Turner above.
  4. Transformers the Movie - 30 year anniversary.... Frank Welker and Peter Cullen please!! They do other cons in the US... would be massive!!!
  5. Think Star Wars is the primary theme but they're not precluding guests from other media just ebcasue of that... so, yay!
  6. Harrison Ford + Emilia Clarke x Diamond Pass = My Attendance :)
  7. Very impressed with your Aliens poster. Very jealous you got the late great Stan Winston on there. How did you meet him? Also noticed that Michael Biehn's autograph looks different to what he signs now. Thanks!! I actually got Winston at his studio... also got James Horner at the Titanic 3D After-party. Beihn was at that LFCC reunion they did years ago...
  8. A few bits n pieces... the pic of the Game of Thrones Season 3 poster is actually a bit out of date, added Leslie and the two Sand Snakes over the weekend... eyed still not working... https://www.flickr.com/gp/133136164@N05/oP5F36 https://www.flickr.com/gp/133136164@N05/83PLb3 https://www.flickr.com/gp/133136164@N05/sz24g0
  9. I was actually going to start a dedicated topic around this theme myself - I for one think both Earls Court and Olympia are truly awful venues. They are both outdated and were never designed for these sorts of events where potentially rushed movement between levels is apparently essential. Olympia simply does not 'look nice'. The look and feel of a show (of any nature really) is incredibly important for getting people in a positive mood, helping them feel relaxed and giving them a sense of control and calm - this being achieved through clear, sensible layouts, plenty of space and a modern building. I know cost plays a significant part in determining where a show should be held, as does location. I would much rather LFCC be held in the Excel arena - the fact that SM have held other shows there but not LFCC leaves me somewhat puzzled. The place is vast and all on one level to name but a couple of areas it trumps both Olympia and the old Earls Court... I live in hope :)
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