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  1. I'm getting out of this thread before I say something that will get me banned.
  2. In many cases those whom we meet have been in different franchises and would like them to be on different items in some cases we very much appreciate the actor/director etc either for their work or their films. Take Sylvester Stallone for example, say you were a fan of Demolition Man, Stop or My Mom will shoot, Cliffhanger. Tango and Cash etc were all youir fave movies you'd like to get them all signed wouldn't you? Its exactly the same - getting what your fav actor has starred in signed. No, I would just want an autograph. That would encompass all his work. I admire the actor for the parts they play. I'm not there for the character. If that makes sense. That makes no sense whatsoever. Surely the parts they play and the character are the same thing?
  3. I've never had a problem with people getting more than one autograph if you can tell they're a genuine fan of that person. I know for example if Morena Baccarin came over here then I would want her on my Firefly poster that already has other cast members on, a Firefly dvd cover, a Gotham dvd cover, a 10x8 of her already that I love and probably something Deadpool film related to. At the end of the day, it's my money and what I do with it is of no concern to other people. I don't honestly think "your age" has anything to do with why you don't get why people buy multiple autographs, it's just a difference of opinion which is what this board thrives on? As far as I've seen, with bigger guests, the handler normally moves people on pretty swiftly anyway so even someone with 5 items is still going to get through in no more than a minute or two. It's only guests like Robert Englund who is notoriously chatty where you might end up having a large line form if people have multiple items.
  4. Too many stalls was definitely the main problem for the amount of traffic and lack of space when walking around, in my opinion. I understand Showmasters need the money from stall holders to help pay for the event BUT did we really need two floors of stalls selling identical merchandise? Like you said, why were there 5 stalls selling POP vinyl?! I can't grumble too much as I managed to get everything done that I needed to (besides a Christopher Lloyd autograph) but at times on the Saturday, I just felt like calling it quits as moving around was a complete nightmare.
  5. He signed from about 5.45 for over an hour up with Gary Frank. Last minute but awesome!
  6. I had a great experience with Tommy Walker from Daredevil about our love of comic books, Ben Affleck as Batman and Daredevil season 2... Such a genuine comic book fan himself and nice to spend some time chatting without feeling rushed. Sherilyn Fenn, Claudia Wells and James Tolkan were also highlights while Harry Waters Jr & Donald Fullilove seemed over the moon to just be there and were super interactive. James Remar was also very genuine and we had a good chat about him playing two roles in Django Unchained. Tom Savini and Zack Galligan seemed slightly aloof but I'd heard that about Savini anyway.
  7. Just wanted to say how great it was having Geoff Johns as a bonus signer in the comics zone on Friday night. Not only is he one of my favourite writers but the fact he's Chief Creative Officer at DC for their TV shows and the upcoming films is a big deal to me (and a lot of others judging by his queue!)
  8. I got over the table photos with Donald Fullilove, Lea Thompson, Harry Waters Jr, Mark McClure, Frances Lee McCain, James Tolkan, Claudia Wells, Tom Burke, Tom Savini, James Remar, Zack Galligan, Tommy Walker, Peter Shinkoda, Clifton Collins Jr, Geoff Johns and Sherilyn Fenn. All of the guests were very happy to pose for photos, especially Claudia Wells as I missed her actual photo shoot and had to go back to her table after meeting her for an autograph already. James Tolkan was an absolute legend too, considering he's pushing 80 he was up and down for photos at his table constantly and always looked happy.
  9. Yesterday, James was situated near to (almost opposite) from where Christopher Lloyd/Bill Paxton's autograph section is.
  10. I'd like to thank Ken, one of the red shirt crew who was working at Photo A yesterday. He let me go through Hayley Atwell's shoot early to get to my next one which was up on Level 3 and it helped me out a great deal. I found the crew to be hit or miss in terms of friendliness and general knowledge of the event but as the original post said, they're all volunteers and it was absolute mayhem for the most part yesterday so they were bound to get stressed out.
  11. People complain too much. I arrived at 8.45, there were enough stewards and signs saying "event car parking" to follow. So therefore I parked right outside of the main entrance and just had to walk a bit around the stadium to join the back of the queue. Parking is FREE, the event is FREE to get in. What more do you want? Valets to park for you?
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